Is Norah Jones Married? The Truth About Her Mysterious Husband and Family

Norah Jones, the renowned singer and songwriter with a global record sales exceeding 50 million, is notably private about her personal life. Married to fellow musician and pianist Pete Remm, they share two children. Despite her success, Jones has kept her family away from the media spotlight, rarely sharing details or photos. In this blog post, we explore questions about her marriage and family.

Who is Pete Remm, and How Did He Meet Norah Jones?

Pete Remm, an American musician skilled in piano, keyboard, and guitar, collaborated with Jones on her fourth studio album, “The Fall,” in 2009. Their work on songs like “Young Blood,” “Stuck,” and “I Wouldn’t Need You” blossomed into a low-key, discreet relationship. The couple married in 2010 in a secret ceremony. They have two children, born in 2014 and 2016, whose identities remain undisclosed to respect their privacy.

Why is Norah Jones So Private About Her Marriage and Family?

Jones has consistently guarded her personal life, explaining that she prefers to keep it separate from her professional endeavors. She aims to shield her family from unwanted attention and criticism. Uncomfortable with social media, Jones uses it solely for music promotion and fan interaction, avoiding sharing details about her marriage and family. She emphasizes the importance of respecting her family’s wish for anonymity.

How Does Norah Jones Balance Her Career and Family?

As a successful singer-songwriter, Jones strives to balance her career and family life. Selective and flexible with projects and schedules, she avoids taking on excessive work or frequent travel. Working from home or nearby studios, she minimizes time away from her family. Living a simple life in Brooklyn, New York, the family engages in ordinary activities like cooking, gardening, reading, and playing music together. Jones values the support of her husband, who is also her musical collaborator, and appreciates her children as both fans and critics.


Norah Jones, a seasoned artist, is married to Pete Remm, and together they have two children. Despite her musical success, Jones maintains a private family life, steering clear of publicizing personal details. She prioritizes a balance between her thriving career and her commitment to family, finding joy in simple, everyday activities. Jones remains content and unaffected by external opinions, supported by her loving family. As her story continues to captivate fans and observers, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

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