Is Ncuti Gatwa Gay? The Actor Shares His Story of Sexuality and Identity

Ncuti Gatwa, a Rwandan-Scottish actor, is widely recognized for his performances in popular series like Netflix’s “Sex Education” and BBC’s “Doctor Who.” In “Sex Education,” he portrays Eric Effiong, a gay teenager navigating his identity in a British high school, while in “Doctor Who,” he takes on the role of the Thirteenth Doctor, the first Black and queer incarnation of the iconic Time Lord. But what about his personal life? Is Ncuti Gatwa gay in real life, or does he identify with another sexual orientation?

Early Life and Career:

Ncuti Gatwa was born on October 15, 1992, in Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda. His parents are Josephine and Tharcisse Gatwa, with his father being a journalist and his mother a theologian. At the age of two, his family fled the Rwandan genocide and settled in Scotland, initially in Edinburgh and later in Dunfermline. Ncuti attended Boroughmuir High School and Dunfermline High School.

Ncuti’s interest in acting began at a young age, and he actively participated in school plays and drama clubs. He eventually pursued his passion by studying acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, graduating in 2013. He embarked on a career in theater, appearing in productions like “Black Men Walking,” “The Last Queen of Scotland,” and “The Lion King.”

Breakthrough in “Sex Education”: In 2018, Ncuti Gatwa achieved a significant breakthrough when he landed the role of Eric Effiong in “Sex Education.” This comedy-drama series revolves around a group of teenagers dealing with issues related to sex, relationships, and identity.

Ncuti’s portrayal of Eric, a confident and flamboyant gay character facing adversity, garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences. He received numerous nominations and awards for his performance, including a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor.

Becoming the Thirteenth Doctor: In 2023, Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the new Doctor Who, succeeding Jodie Whittaker and becoming the first Black and queer actor to take on this iconic role. While his casting received mixed reactions from fans and media outlets, some viewing it as a progressive move and others as a “tick-box” exercise, Ncuti embraced the opportunity.

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Ncuti Gatwa’s Sexual Orientation:

Ncuti Gatwa has maintained a private stance on his personal life, not publicly confirming his sexual orientation. However, in a recent interview with Elle magazine, he revealed that he identifies as queer. He attributed his role as Eric in “Sex Education” to helping him overcome self-doubt and embrace his authentic self.

Ncuti also shared a touching anecdote about his experience at Manchester Pride, where he met a Rwandan woman unsure of her presence there. They held hands, and Ncuti reassured her that she belonged there.

Throughout his life and career, Ncuti Gatwa has spoken out against racism and homophobia, emphasizing his self-belief and finding his community. He defended his casting as Doctor Who, emphasizing the importance of representation and inclusivity in enriching the world.

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Ncuti Gatwa is an inspirational actor known for his exceptional work in “Sex Education” and “Doctor Who.” He has openly identified as queer, sharing his personal journey of self-acceptance and pride. He serves as a role model, especially for young individuals grappling with their sexuality and identity, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. While he is not gay, Ncuti Gatwa is an important member of the LGBTQ+ community who deserves recognition and support for both his professional accomplishments and his personal journey.

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