Is Melissa Rauch Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Melissa Rauch, renowned for her role as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, has been a target of persistent pregnancy rumors. While some speculations proved accurate, others were either debunked or left unanswered. Delve into the details of Melissa Rauch’s pregnancy journey and the surrounding rumors.

Melissa Rauch’s Initial Pregnancy and Heartbreaking Miscarriage

In July 2017, Melissa Rauch publicly disclosed her first pregnancy in a poignant essay for Glamour magazine. Alongside this revelation, she shared the emotional toll of experiencing a miscarriage before conceiving her daughter.

Reflecting on this challenging time, she expressed, “The miscarriage I experienced was one of the most profound sorrows I have ever felt in my life, kickstarting a primal depression that lingered in me.”

She candidly expressed apprehensions about her subsequent pregnancy, stating, “I’m pretty much terrified at the moment that it will happen again. I’ve had moments where I’ve felt completely miscarrying my current pregnancy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more broken than after suffering my miscarriage.”

Melissa Rauch welcomed her daughter, Sadie, into the world in December 2017. Sharing the joy on Instagram with a photo featuring a pink baby hat bearing Sadie’s name, she wrote, “I am beyond over the moon to share that our beautiful baby girl, Sadie Rauch, has arrived, and our hearts are bursting at the seams with love for her.”

Melissa Rauch’s Second Pregnancy and Unique Birth Experience

In a surprising announcement in May 2020, Melissa Rauch disclosed her second pregnancy, revealing the birth of her son, Brooks. Through a social media post featuring a blue baby hat with Brooks’ name, she expressed gratitude, saying, “I am incredibly thankful and overjoyed to announce the birth of our son, Brooks Rauch, who we just welcomed into the world and directly into our hearts.”

Acknowledging the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she recognized front-line heroes and shared her experience of giving birth alone due to hospital restrictions in a first-person essay for Glamour magazine.

Melissa Rauch’s Current Pregnancy Status

As of January 2024, there is no credible evidence or confirmation of Melissa Rauch’s pregnancy. Speculative rumors circulating online lack substantiation and appear to be based on misinformation.

One source of these rumors is an article from The Current Online, asserting Melissa Rauch’s third pregnancy. However, the article lacks proof or proper citation, resembling clickbait with a misleading headline and ambiguous content.

Another source stems from a YouTube video featuring Melissa Rauch in a recent interview wearing a loose-fitting dress, potentially concealing a baby bump. Yet, the video lacks conclusive evidence or confirmation, possibly attributed to her clothing choice or camera angle.

Pending an official announcement or confirmation from Melissa Rauch herself, it is crucial not to endorse or propagate unverified pregnancy rumors. Respecting her privacy and personal life, we extend our best wishes for her career and family.


Melissa Rauch, a highly accomplished actress known for her roles in The Big Bang Theory, The Shining Girls, and The Bronze, is a devoted mother of two, Sadie and Brooks, with her husband, Winston Rauch.

Courageously sharing her pregnancy journey, including a miscarriage and a pandemic birth, Melissa Rauch is not currently pregnant. Any rumors suggesting otherwise are unfounded. We celebrate Melissa Rauch and her family’s achievements and happiness, anticipating more of her exceptional work in the future.

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