Is Mehdi Hasan Leaving MSNBC? Will He Ever Return?

Mehdi Hasan, a British-American journalist and broadcaster, is renowned for hosting The Mehdi Hasan Show on Peacock and MSNBC. His program is recognized for its incisive interviews and commentary on politics, current events, and global affairs. Recent reports, however, have suggested that he, along with two other Muslim anchors, has been suspended by MSNBC in the aftermath of the Israeli military operations in Gaza. The veracity of these claims and the potential consequences for Hasan and his show warrant exploration.

The Suspension Rumors

According to Arab News, a Saudi Arabian newspaper, claims were made that Mehdi Hasan, Ayman Mohieddine, and Ali Velshi were discreetly replaced as anchors following Hamas’ actions in Israel. The report asserted that MSNBC had halted the weekly broadcast of The Mehdi Hasan Show and canceled plans for Mohieddine to host Joy Reid’s show on Thursdays and Fridays. Furthermore, it alleged that Velshi was removed from his weekend slot, with another anchor taking his place.

Unnamed sources cited in the report suggested that the suspension resulted from MSNBC’s perceived “pro-Israel bias” and concerns about losing Jewish viewers and advertisers. The network purportedly faced pressure from pro-Israel advocacy groups and lobbyists who accused the three anchors of being “anti-Semitic” and exhibiting bias in their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

However, MSNBC has vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that there was no deliberate sidelining of the three anchors. A network spokesperson told The Independent that “these claims are categorically false” and stressed that programming decisions were guided by “a variety of factors” rather than the anchors’ religious background or ethnicity.

The Evidence

While MSNBC has refuted the suspension rumors, there is some circumstantial evidence suggesting there might be some truth to them. For example, based on their Twitter accounts, Mehdi Hasan’s show has not been aired on MSNBC since May 9, 2021, and he has refrained from tweeting about his show, apart from a retweet of an interview clip with Senator Bernie Sanders on May 16, 2021.

Likewise, Ayman Mohieddine hasn’t appeared on MSNBC since May 14, 2021, and Ali Velshi has not hosted his weekend show since May 15, 2021, according to their respective Twitter accounts.

The Implications

Should the suspension rumors be substantiated, they carry significant implications for Mehdi Hasan and his show. Firstly, it would imply that Hasan and his fellow Muslim anchors are facing discrimination from their employer based on their religion and ethnicity, which would contravene their civil rights and undermine their journalistic integrity.

Secondly, it would suggest that they are being muzzled by their employer due to their political perspectives and opinions, infringing upon their freedom of speech and suppressing their journalistic duty.

Lastly, it would imply that their employer is censoring them based on their factual reporting and analysis, violating professional standards and distorting journalistic truth.


Mehdi Hasan is an influential figure in the US media landscape, offering a unique perspective on pressing issues. The alleged suspension by MSNBC in the aftermath of the Gaza conflict raises concerns about potential repercussions. While MSNBC has denied these claims, the evidence suggests there may be some truth to them.

Clarity from MSNBC on this matter is imperative, as it has far-reaching implications for Hasan, his show, the media industry, and public discourse in the United States. It’s equally important that Hasan himself addresses the situation and defends his rights as a journalist, while the public continues to support his role as a vital source of information and opinion in these challenging times.

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