Is Mary Lou Retton Married? The Truth About Her Divorce and Health

Mary Lou Retton, the iconic gymnast who clinched the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, has recently garnered attention due to personal and health challenges. She openly shared her separation from her spouse of 27 years, Shannon Kelley, in 2018, and currently, she’s in the intensive care unit, battling an uncommon strain of pneumonia. Here are some pertinent details about her circumstances.

Her Separation from Shannon Kelley

In 2018, while participating as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Retton disclosed her divorce from Shannon Kelley, a former football quarterback and coach. Their marital journey, which began in 1990, came to an end in February of that year. Their union began in 1984, and together, they raised four daughters: Shayla, McKenna, Skyla, and Emma.

Retton emphasized that the divorce was a long-awaited decision, driven by the realization that they still cared for one another but were no longer compatible. She expressed feelings of isolation during this challenging period and expressed deep gratitude for her unwavering support from her children.

Since her divorce from Kelley, Retton has not entered into another marriage. She expressed eagerness to explore dating again and find someone who could bring happiness to her life.

Her Health Struggles

Currently, Mary Lou Retton finds herself in the intensive care unit, engaged in a fierce battle against a highly unusual form of pneumonia, as conveyed by her daughter, McKenna Kelly. On October 11, 2023, Kelly made an emotional plea on Instagram, seeking prayers and financial assistance for her mother’s medical expenses. She described her mother’s fight for survival as requiring nothing short of a miracle.

Sasha Farber, Retton’s former dance partner on Dancing with the Stars, disclosed that he maintained communication with her and witnessed her unyielding determination. He shared that there were moments when she contemplated giving up, but he bolstered her spirits by sending videos of her dancing and encouraging her to stay strong. Farber wholeheartedly affirmed her resilience and expressed his conviction that she would surmount this formidable challenge.

In Summation

As of now, Mary Lou Retton is not married. Her divorce from her husband of 27 years, Shannon Kelley, took place in 2018. Since then, she has been dedicating her time to personal growth and her children. She is also grappling with a severe health crisis, confined to the ICU due to an uncommon form of pneumonia. Your thoughts, prayers, and support are crucial for her recovery. Her legacy in the world of gymnastics continues to inspire many, and we hope for her swift restoration of health and happiness in her life.

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