Is Liz Gillies Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Liz Gillies, renowned for her roles in Victorious and Dynasty, is a celebrated actress and singer. Her career spans various movies and musicals, including 13, Spring Awakening, and Jawbreaker. With a devoted fan base keenly following her professional and personal life, speculation has arisen about the possibility of Liz Gillies being pregnant. This post delves into the origins and credibility of these rumors to uncover the truth surrounding the question: Is Liz Gillies pregnant?

The Baby Bump Rumor

Persistent speculation about Liz Gillies’ pregnancy centers around alleged sightings of a baby bump. MediaMass, a site known for satirical content, reported a prominent stomach bulge during a romantic dinner date in November 2023. However, MediaMass openly admitted to fabricating the story, confirming its falsehood through an update in the article. Consequently, the baby bump rumor was nothing more than a hoax, and Liz Gillies was not pregnant at that time.

The Wedding Rumor

Another rumor linking to Liz Gillies’ pregnancy suggested a secret marriage to her long-time partner, Michael Corcoran, in August 2020. While the couple had initially planned to marry in April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a postponement. Surprisingly, Liz Gillies announced their wedding in September 2020, sharing photos on Instagram. Some fans speculated about an accelerated marriage due to a potential pregnancy, but there was no evidence supporting this claim. Liz Gillies and Michael Corcoran simply chose a low-key ceremony amid the uncertainties of the pandemic.

The Instagram Rumor

A third rumor emerged from Liz Gillies’ Instagram posts, particularly a photo in October 2020 where she wore a loose dress. Despite her caption clarifying she was not pregnant but simply enjoying the dress, some fans interpreted it sarcastically as a pregnancy announcement. Liz Gillies, known for her humor, was not hinting at a pregnancy and was merely addressing potential rumors playfully.


In conclusion, there is no factual basis for the rumors surrounding Liz Gillies’ pregnancy. Unreliable sources and misinterpretations fueled these speculations, such as the fabricated reports from MediaMass and misconstrued Instagram posts. Liz Gillies maintains a private stance on her personal life and relationships, advocating for individual choices regarding parenthood. Acknowledging her talent and achievements, Liz Gillies deserves admiration for her work rather than unfounded pregnancy rumors.

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