Is Kenneth From Love is Blind Gay? Unveiling the Truth

Kenneth Gorham, a contestant on the sixth season of Love is Blind, has stirred controversy and speculation surrounding his sexual orientation and relationship with Brittany Mills. Is Kenneth gay, bisexual, or straight? And what unfolded between him and Brittany?

Who is Kenneth Gorham?

Kenneth Gorham, aged 28, is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the founder and CEO of Gorham Enterprises, specializing in coaching, consulting, and branding services.

Additionally, he actively supports various causes, including mental health, education, and social justice. Gorham holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University and a master’s degree in leadership from Mercer University.

Who is Brittany Mills?

Brittany Mills, aged 26, is a model, actress, and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, known by the stage name B. Mills.

Her work spans music videos, commercials, and films, including notable appearances in productions such as The Perfect Match, The Trap, and The Bobby Brown Story. Mills released her debut EP, The Introduction, in 2018.

How Did Kenneth and Brittany Meet and Develop Their Relationship?

Kenneth and Brittany found love on Love is Blind, a reality show where contestants seek soulmates without initial physical contact. Their connection blossomed within the isolated pods, fostering deep conversations and mutual affection.

Despite early challenges and past hardships, including Kenneth’s depression and Brittany’s abusive history, they professed love and became engaged after only days.

What Unfolded After Leaving the Pods?

Following their pod experience, Kenneth and Brittany navigated the complexities of real-world interactions, meeting families and adjusting to cohabitation.

However, challenges arose, notably concerning Kenneth’s phone usage, which sparked criticism and speculation from viewers. Despite the public scrutiny and rumors, Kenneth and Brittany defended their relationship and emphasized their commitment to each other.

Are Kenneth and Brittany Still Together?

No, Kenneth and Brittany ended their engagement in episode 8 of Love is Blind, recognizing a loss of connection and readiness for marriage.

Their mature breakup, marked by mutual respect and gratitude, signaled a departure from their relationship while wishing each other well.

Is Kenneth Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

Kenneth identifies as straight, affirming his attraction to women and his love for Brittany. He refutes speculation regarding his sexuality, expressing hurt and offense at the baseless accusations.

Kenneth emphasizes the unfairness of such assumptions, asserting his identity and love for Brittany unequivocally.


Kenneth Gorham’s journey on Love is Blind highlights the complexities of relationships under public scrutiny. Despite challenges and breakup, Kenneth and Brittany exhibit dignity and grace, dispelling rumors with resilience. Their story underscores the importance of respect and authenticity in navigating personal and public spheres.

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