Is Kelly Evans Pregnant? The Truth Behind the CNBC Presenter’s Recent Photos

Kelly Evans stands out as one of CNBC’s esteemed and respected presenters, co-anchoring “The Exchange” and “Power Lunch” for over a decade. Her coverage spans diverse topics within economics, finance, and business. A devoted mother of four, she shares this joy with her husband, Eric Chemi, a former CNBC reporter.

Recently, speculation has arisen regarding Evans’ possible pregnancy, fueled by observations of a noticeable stomach bulge in various photos. Questions linger: Is Kelly Evans expecting her fifth child, or could it be a case of weight fluctuation or an unflattering angle? Here’s the latest on what we know.

The Photos That Stirred Speculation

Rumors gained traction when fans noted changes in Evans’ appearance in recent photos. On December 14, 2023, she was spotted in Los Angeles, donning a cozy pink tie-dye sweat suit. Some speculated she might be concealing a baby bump. Another photo from December 5, 2023, during her appearance on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, added to the speculation. Observers noted a seemingly loose black sweater around her midsection.

Evans’ Response

While Kelly Evans hasn’t officially confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors, she indirectly addressed them on social media. On December 20, 2023, she posted a selfie on her Instagram story, emphasizing feeling good and captioning it, “Not pregnant, just happy. Love you guys.” In a video, she thanked fans for their support, humorously attributing any appearance changes to enjoying holiday tacos.

The Truth Unveiled

Based on Evans’ own statements and the absence of an official announcement, it appears the pregnancy rumors are unfounded. The speculated photos may be the result of unflattering angles, normal weight fluctuations, bloating, or clothing choices. Nevertheless, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of Evans and Chemi planning more children in the future.

The couple, married since 2013, currently cherishes their family of four children: Autumn (2013), Atticus (2015), Aidan (2021), and Avery (2022). While Evans expressed love for motherhood and her family in various interviews and social media posts, the current rumors seem to lack substance.


Kelly Evans remains a highly regarded CNBC presenter with a dedicated fan base. While rumors about her pregnancy have circulated, her indirect responses on social media suggest these claims are baseless. Evans and Chemi, content in their family life, may choose to expand their family in the future, but for now, they are enjoying their time with their four children.

In essence, the speculation surrounding Kelly Evans’ pregnancy appears to be untrue. The presenter and her husband, Eric Chemi, have not provided official confirmation or denial, but Evans’ lighthearted response on social media suggests that the rumors lack credibility. As they continue to enjoy their family life, fans can look forward to any future announcements from the couple.

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