Is Jordan Love Married? Here’s the Truth About His Relationship

Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, is currently in a relationship with Ronika Stone, although they haven’t married yet. Their connection has captured the public’s interest, particularly given Love’s rising football career and Stone’s athletic background. They’ve been dating for a few years, and while they keep the specifics of their relationship mostly private, many are eager to learn more about this couple.

The two appear to share a strong bond, and despite media speculation about “Jordan Love’s wife,” it’s evident that they are currently enjoying their time together. Their journey, both individually and as a couple, is one marked by talent, support, and love.

Jordan Love is renowned for his impressive quarterbacking skills with the Green Bay Packers, but off the field, his relationship with Ronika Stone, a former University of Oregon volleyball star, has garnered attention. Although they are not yet married, they have been in a relationship for several years.


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Who is Ronika Stone?

Ronika is not just known as “Jordan Love’s wife” or girlfriend; she is an accomplished athlete in her own right. Stone played volleyball at the University of Oregon and earned recognition as a two-time All-Pac-12 selection. Additionally, she has a strong NFL connection through her father, Ron Stone, a former NFL Pro Bowler.

Jordan Love and Ronika Stone’s Relationship

Their relationship, while private, has been marked by shared moments on social media and appearances at public events. They are frequently seen supporting each other at Packers games and in their respective careers.

Ronika Stone’s Volleyball Career

Stone’s excellence on the volleyball court earned her significant recognition. Representing the University of Oregon, she played a pivotal role in leading the Ducks to the NCAA Tournament in 2018. She graduated in 2020, concluding her remarkable college volleyball journey.

Is Jordan Love Married

Public Perception of Their Relationship

The general consensus regarding their relationship is overwhelmingly positive. Fans and the media alike applaud Jordan Love and Ronika Stone for being a strong and supportive couple, navigating the challenges of public life and their demanding careers.

Media Coverage and Social Media

Although they maintain a relatively low profile regarding their relationship, it hasn’t escaped the notice of the media. Stone is moderately active on social media but remains reserved about sharing personal details. This discretion has only heightened public interest in their love story.


Jordan Love and Ronika Stone’s love story is a testament to their commitment and shared passions. With careers in the spotlight, they continue to impress both on and off the field, drawing admiration for their strong bond and the way they navigate the public eye while keeping their relationship mostly private.


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