Is Jo Koy Gay? The Truth About the Comedian’s Sexuality

Jo Koy stands as one of the most beloved and accomplished comedians globally, tickling funny bones for over three decades with his witty observations on his Filipino-American heritage, family, and life adventures. His comedic prowess extends to various mediums, including TV shows, podcasts, movies, and four comedy specials on Netflix.

However, amid his fame, a lingering question persists: Is Jo Koy gay? This query gained traction online, particularly after fellow comedian Chelsea Handler playfully teased about his sexuality on her late-night show. So, let’s delve into the truth about Jo Koy’s sexual orientation – is he gay, straight, or somewhere in between?

Jo Koy’s Early Life and Career

Born Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington, Jo Koy’s upbringing in a multicultural household fostered an appreciation for both his American and Filipino roots. Inspired by his mother’s humor and Eddie Murphy, he ventured into stand-up comedy at 18, forgoing college to pursue his comedic dreams.

Enduring challenges and rejections, Jo Koy’s breakthrough arrived in 2005 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, earning him a standing ovation. Since then, he has become a comedic household name, boasting sold-out shows worldwide and accolades for his TV show, “The Jo Koy Show,” and self-produced comedy specials.

Jo Koy’s Relationships and Family

In sharing his personal life openly, Jo Koy disclosed details about his love life, ex-wife Angie King, and their son, Joseph Glenn Herbert Jr., born in 2003. Following an amicable divorce in 2013, Jo Koy remains friends with Angie, emphasizing his son’s role as his greatest inspiration.

Post-divorce, Jo Koy has been linked to celebrities like Tia Carrere, Anjelah Johnson, and Chelsea Handler. However, he states he is currently single, focusing on his career and parenting.

Is Jo Koy Gay?

Dispelling speculations, Jo Koy is unequivocally not gay. Throughout his career, he has identified as straight, never displaying signs of being gay. Jokes about his sexuality, initiated by Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately,” were light-hearted banter, not reflective of reality. Jo Koy embraced the humor but neither confirmed nor denied the claims.

Rumors circulating about his sexuality lack substance and are based on unfounded stereotypes. Despite not directly addressing these rumors, Jo Koy remains unfazed, expressing support for the LGBTQ+ community and asserting that he is content with who he is.


Jo Koy’s comedic genius has left an indelible mark, inspiring many with his talent and resilience. Beyond the spotlight, he is a devoted father and a cherished member of his family and community. Jo Koy’s sexual orientation, unequivocally straight, is a non-issue. What truly matters is the incredible person he is – Jo Koy, simply awesome.

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