Is Jeff Glor Married? A Look at the CBS Journalist’s Personal Life

Jeff Glor is a prominent American journalist renowned for his tenure at CBS News since 2007. He has contributed his anchoring and reporting skills to several CBS programs, including the CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes Sports, and The Early Show. Presently, he co-hosts CBS Saturday Morning and serves as a CBS News special correspondent. However, what about his personal life? Is Jeff Glor married, and if so, who is his spouse, and do they have children? Here’s a comprehensive look at Jeff Glor’s family.

Jeff Glor’s Spouse: Nicole Glab

Jeff Glor is happily married to Nicole Glab, a fitness instructor and former college cheerleader. They exchanged vows in 2003, and Nicole runs her own website, NikkiFitness, where she offers online workout routines, fitness advice, and motivational content. Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel boasting over 4,000 subscribers.

Jeff and Nicole’s love story began during their time at Syracuse University in the 1990s. Their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage following graduation. Over the past two decades, they’ve stood by each other’s side through various life experiences.

Nicole frequently accompanies Jeff during his global travels and assignments, also ensuring he adheres to a healthy lifestyle by monitoring his diet and exercise regimen. Occasionally, Jeff, a self-confessed food enthusiast, indulges in culinary delights with Nicole as his partner. The couple also enjoys running together along New York City’s west side, even in chilly weather.

Jeff Glor’s Children: Jack and Victoria

Jeff and Nicole share the joy of parenting with two wonderful children: a son named Jack Thatcher Glor and a daughter named Victoria Channing Glor. Their son, Jack, came into the world in 2009, followed by their daughter, Victoria, born in 2015. Jeff and Nicole often share endearing pictures and videos of their children on their social media profiles.

Jeff, a devoted father, relishes spending quality time with his kids. He frequently takes them on outings to various venues and events, including museums, parks, sports games, concerts, and Broadway shows. He also takes the time to read to them and educate them on various subjects. Jeff once expressed that his favorite part of the day is returning home to his beloved family.

In Conclusion

Jeff Glor is not only a accomplished journalist but also a loving husband and devoted father. He has been happily married to Nicole Glab since 2003, and together they are raising two children, Jack and Victoria. The Glor family calls Connecticut home, where they share a life filled with happiness and harmony. Jeff Glor is indeed a fortunate individual who has achieved success in his career while enjoying the blessings of a beautiful family.

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