Is Blueface Gay? Questions About His Son’s Sexual Orientation Spark

Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, is a renowned American rapper who gained prominence following the release of his hit track, “Respect My Cryppin’.” His unconventional rapping style and distinctive voice propelled him to viral fame. However, recent attention has been drawn to him for different reasons. He faced significant criticism after questioning his 6-year-old son about his sexual orientation.

Blueface’s Journey to Stardom

Blueface’s path to stardom began with the release of “Respect My Cryppin’.” The song rapidly gained popularity, making Blueface a household name in the rap industry. His unique style of rapping, often diverging from the music’s beat, has garnered both praise and criticism. Despite the mixed reviews, Blueface has successfully established his niche in the music world.

Controversy Surrounding Blueface

Blueface uploaded a video on social media in which he inquired about his son’s sexual orientation because the child preferred food over being in a room with scantily clad women. This incident sparked significant controversy and public backlash. Many condemned him for exposing his young son to hypersexualized situations and questioned his parenting abilities.

Public Response

The public response to Blueface’s video was overwhelmingly negative. Many believed it was inappropriate for him to question his son’s sexual orientation at such a young age. Additionally, they criticized him for subjecting his son to adult scenarios that were unsuitable for a child. This incident has undoubtedly damaged Blueface’s reputation and raised concerns about his parenting skills.

Blueface’s Sexual Orientation

Regarding Blueface’s own sexual orientation, there is no publicly available information indicating that he is homosexual. His sexual orientation had never been a topic of public discussion until the recent incident involving his son.


While Blueface’s actions regarding his son’s sexual orientation have sparked controversy, they do not offer any insights into Blueface’s own sexual orientation. At present, there is no evidence to suggest that Blueface is homosexual. It is important to remember that an individual’s sexual orientation is a personal matter and should be respected. This incident serves as a reminder that celebrities, like all individuals, should be mindful of their actions and their potential impact on others

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