Is Amy Schumer Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Renowned comedian, actress, and writer Amy Schumer has graced audiences with her uproarious stand-up specials, films, and literary works, eliciting laughter from millions worldwide.

Mother to son Gene, born in May 2019 with husband Chris Fischer, Schumer’s recent appearance on her show “Inside Amy Schumer” has sparked speculation among fans about the possibility of her expecting her second child.

But is there truth to these rumors, or are they simply a comedic twist? Here’s the scoop on Amy Schumer and her alleged pregnancy.

The Announcement

Amy Schumer initially divulged her pregnancy in October 2018, opting for a blend of creativity and political commentary. Taking to Instagram, she shared a photo with her and Fischer’s faces superimposed onto those of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who had recently announced their own pregnancy.

Schumer then directed her followers to journalist Jessica Yellin’s page, where amidst recommendations for the midterm elections, a subtle declaration—”I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer”—resided at the bottom.

The Journey

Schumer’s pregnancy journey was riddled with challenges, notably marked by her battle with hyperemesis gravidarum—a condition characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.

This rare ailment, familiar to many through Kate Middleton’s experiences, led to multiple hospitalizations for Schumer, prompting cancellations of comedic engagements and candid social media posts documenting her struggles.

The Comedy Amidst Chaos

Despite the difficulties, Schumer maintained her trademark humor, integrating pregnancy-related jests into her show “Inside Amy Schumer”.

From jests about exaggerated symptoms and cravings to spoofing maternity fashion ads, she navigated the trials with comedic flair, a sentiment echoed in her stand-up special “Growing”, where she candidly addressed her evolving body and delivery apprehensions.

The Arrival

On May 5, 2019, at 10:55 p.m., Schumer welcomed her son, Gene David Fischer, into the world—a poignant moment coinciding with Meghan Markle’s own delivery of son Archie. Sharing the joyous news on Instagram, Schumer introduced her newborn alongside Fischer, paying tribute to familial ties with Gene’s name.

Dispelling the Speculation

Addressing recent conjecture, Schumer affirmed in a candid interview with Howard Stern that she is not anticipating another child. The decision, she disclosed, stemmed from a challenging IVF attempt, leading her and Fischer to embrace their family of three.

Schumer additionally shared her decision to donate remaining embryos to couples in need, underscoring her journey’s complexities and her contentment with the present.


Amy Schumer’s pregnancy narrative, marked by its highs and lows, embodies resilience, authenticity, and humor. Though rumors of a second child swirl, Schumer’s resolute stance underscores her commitment to her current family dynamic.

Through laughter and candor, she has emerged as a beacon of strength and inspiration, proving that amidst life’s uncertainties, love and humor prevail.

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