Is Amanda Balionis Still Married? Unveiling the Personal Life of the CBS Sports Reporter

Amanda Balionis, a prominent sports reporter covering golf and college football for CBS, captivates audiences with her charisma and beauty.

But what’s the latest on her marital status? Is she still with her husband, a former NFL quarterback?

Who is Amanda Balionis?

Born on June 20, 1985, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Amanda Balionis grew up in a family passionate about golf. She pursued broadcast journalism, graduating from Hofstra University in 2008.

Starting her career in local news, she progressed to roles with the PGA Tour, Callaway Golf, and SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. Joining CBS Sports in 2016, she’s become renowned for her coverage of major golf tournaments and hosts “18 Holes with Amanda Balionis,” interviewing golfers and celebrities.

Who is Amanda Balionis’ Husband?

Amanda Balionis is married to Bryn Renner, a former college football and NFL quarterback. Renner excelled at the University of North Carolina from 2009 to 2013, setting records and earning All-ACC honors.

Transitioning to the NFL, he had brief stints with teams like the Denver Broncos, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Baltimore Ravens. Renner retired from football in 2019 and ventured into coaching at Austin Peay State University.

When Did Amanda Balionis and Bryn Renner Get Married?

Engaged in March 2021 after two years of dating, Amanda Balionis and Bryn Renner exchanged vows on March 12, 2022, in a picturesque ceremony in Palm Springs, California.

Balionis shared snapshots of their special day on Instagram, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to making their dream wedding a reality.

Are Amanda Balionis and Bryn Renner Still Married?

As of February 2024, Amanda Balionis and Bryn Renner remain happily married, residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Their social media accounts are adorned with affectionate messages and snapshots, showcasing their love and unity.

They relish their time together, whether it’s traveling, playing golf, or cherishing moments with their beloved dogs, Chorizo and Finley.


Amanda Balionis stands as a highly esteemed sports reporter, admired for her professionalism and warmth. Her marriage to Bryn Renner, a retired NFL quarterback, reflects a strong bond and mutual support.

Since their union in March 2022, they’ve demonstrated resilience and happiness, embodying the essence of a harmonious power couple, adept at balancing their personal and professional lives with grace and joy.

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