How to Earn Rubies in Mario Kart Tour? Free Ruby Acquisition Tips

Mario Kart Tour stands as a highly popular mobile game, inviting players to engage in thrilling races featuring their beloved characters from the iconic Mario franchise. Within this exciting gaming universe, you possess the freedom to personalize your drivers, karts, and gliders by acquiring an array of items obtainable from the mysterious pipe.

However, this pipe operates on a gacha system, requiring the utilization of rubies, which serve as the premium currency within the game. In addition to fueling the pipe, rubies are instrumental in playing the Coin Rush mode, enabling players to amass coins for enhancing their in-game items. In this article, we’ll provide you with insights on how to procure rubies without expending real money in Mario Kart Tour.

There exist multiple avenues to secure rubies within the game without resorting to real-world purchases. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  1. Tour Gifts: Your journey in Mario Kart Tour yields Grand Stars as you play, subsequently unlocking Tour Gifts containing diverse rewards, including coveted rubies. While certain Tour Gifts may be exclusive to Gold Pass subscribers, free players can still accumulate a respectable quantity of rubies. Moreover, completing specific challenges or participating in events can yield additional bonus Tour Gifts.
  2. Standard Challenges: These comprise task sets that you can fulfill to acquire rubies and a variety of other rewards. Tasks range from completing a race to deploying specific items or achieving particular tiers. Presently, there are four sets of Standard Challenges, each consisting of 16 tasks and the potential to earn up to 45 rubies.
  3. Daily Login Bonus: By logging in daily, you become eligible for a login bonus, which could encompass coins, item tickets, or rubies. This bonus refreshes every fortnight, with diligent daily logins offering a possibility of gaining up to 10 rubies within a cycle.
  4. Event Shop: During certain tours, an Event Shop becomes accessible, permitting the exchange of event tokens for an assortment of items, including rubies. These valuable event tokens are garnered by racing on courses marked with event token icons, potentially granting up to 10 rubies per tour through the Event Shop.
  5. Ranked Cup: On a weekly basis, the game introduces a Ranked Cup, inviting players to compete for the highest score across three designated courses. Rewards, including rubies, are disbursed at the week’s end, with the quantity contingent on your rank and tier. Higher ranks and tiers translate to more rubies earned.
  6. Level Up: Engaging in races and accumulating experience points allows you to advance through levels, each level-up bestowing rubies as a reward. This continues until level 40, where you receive one ruby per level-up, followed by two rubies per level-up from levels 41 to 99. The game’s maximum level currently stands at 150, enabling you to accumulate a potential total of 219 rubies through leveling up.

These strategies collectively constitute the path to securing rubies free of charge in Mario Kart Tour. Consistent gameplay and the diligent completion of assorted tasks will empower you to amass a substantial stockpile of rubies, facilitating your endeavors to unlock the pipe and procure new in-game items.

Additionally, the judicious use of rubies can enhance your experience as you delve into exhilarating races within this captivating gaming realm. Race on and revel in the adventures Mario Kart Tour has to offer!

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