Haleyybaylee Ex Boyfriend: The YouTube Star Who Divorced Her NFL Husband and Found Love Again

Haleyybaylee, also known as Haley Kalil or Haley Baylee O’Brien, is a YouTube star, model, and social media influencer who has over 4 million subscribers on her channel and 2.8 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos, as well as her collaborations with other famous YouTubers.

But behind her glamorous online persona, Haleyybaylee has also faced some personal challenges, such as her divorce from her NFL husband, Matt Kalil, and her new relationship with rapper DDG. In this blog post, we will explore Haleyybaylee’s love life, from her marriage to her breakup to her current romance.

Who is Haleyybaylee?

Haleyybaylee was born on August 6, 1992, in Excelsior, Minnesota. She graduated from St. Cloud Minnesota State College with a degree in medical biology and psychology. She also won the Miss Teen Minnesota USA title in 2010 and competed in the Miss USA pageant in 2013.

Haleyybaylee started her YouTube channel in 2014, where she posted videos about makeup, hair, outfits, and vlogs. She soon gained popularity and attracted millions of fans with her bubbly personality and creative content. She also ventured into modeling and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Haleyybaylee is also a successful entrepreneur and has launched her own clothing line, Baylee, and her own perfume, Baylee by Haleyybaylee.

Who is Matt Kalil?

Matt Kalil is a former professional football player who played as an offensive tackle in the NFL. He was born on July 6, 1989, in Corona, California. He played college football at the University of Southern California and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Matt Kalil played for the Vikings from 2012 to 2016, earning a Pro Bowl selection in 2012. He then signed with the Carolina Panthers in 2017, but suffered a knee injury that sidelined him for the entire 2018 season. He was released by the Panthers in 2019 and signed with the Houston Texans, but did not play a single game for them. He announced his retirement from the NFL in 2020.

How did Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil meet and get married?

Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil met in 2014, when they were both living in Minnesota. They started dating and got engaged in 2015. They tied the knot in a secret ceremony on a private beach in Kauai, Hawaii, on July 8, 2015.

Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil seemed to have a happy marriage and often posted pictures of each other on social media. They also supported each other’s careers and moved to different states depending on Matt’s NFL contracts.

Why did Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil divorce?

Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil shocked their fans when they announced their divorce in 2022, after seven years of marriage. They did not reveal the reason for their split, but said that they remained friends and wished each other the best.

According to some sources, Haleyybaylee and Matt Kalil grew apart due to their busy schedules and different lifestyles. Haleyybaylee was focused on her YouTube and modeling career, while Matt was dealing with his injuries and retirement from the NFL. They also had different views on starting a family, as Haleyybaylee wanted to have children, but Matt was not ready.

Who is DDG?

DDG, also known as Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. or PontiacMadeDDG, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and YouTube star. He was born on October 10, 1997, in Pontiac, Michigan. He started his YouTube channel in 2014, where he posted comedy skits, pranks, reactions, and music videos. He has over 10 million subscribers on his main channel and over 2 million subscribers on his secondary channel.

DDG is also a successful musician and has released several singles and albums, such as “Moonwalking in Calabasas”, “Die 4 Respect”, and “VALEDICTORIAN”. He is signed to Epic Records and has collaborated with artists like Lil Yachty, Blueface, YG, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

How did Haleyybaylee and DDG meet and start dating?

Haleyybaylee and DDG met in 2022, when DDG messaged Haleyybaylee on Instagram. Haleyybaylee said that she had been a fan of DDG’s YouTube videos for years and that she liked his music. They started talking and hit it off.

Haleyybaylee and DDG made their relationship public in March 2022, when DDG posted a romantic birthday tribute to Haleyybaylee on Instagram. They also appeared together at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in 2023 and on the cover of Essence magazine in 2023.

Haleyybaylee and DDG have been very open about their love for each other and have shared their cute moments on social media. Haleyybaylee said that she is in love with DDG and that he has opened a whole new world for her creatively. DDG said that Haleyybaylee is the most beautiful and sweetest girl he has ever met and that he loves her forever.


Haleyybaylee is a YouTube star, model, and social media influencer who has had a roller coaster ride in her love life. She married her NFL husband, Matt Kalil, in 2015, but divorced him in 2022. She then found love again with rapper DDG in 2022 and has been happily dating him ever since.

Haleyybaylee has shown that she is not afraid to follow her heart and pursue her dreams, no matter what challenges she faces. She has also inspired millions of fans with her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content, as well as her modeling and entrepreneurial endeavors. She is a true example of a strong, independent, and successful woman.

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