Faye Webster Ex-Boyfriend: A Breakup Story

Faye Webster, an American singer-songwriter hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, has crafted a musical journey with four studio albums: Run and Tell (2013), Faye Webster (2017), Atlanta Millionaires Club (2019), and I Know I’m Funny Haha (2021).

Her unique blend of indie folk, alternative country, and R&B, combined with distinctive vocals and candid lyrics, sets her apart in the music scene. But beyond her artistic endeavors, there’s curiosity about her love life, particularly her past relationship and breakup. So, who is her ex-boyfriend, and what led to the end of their romance?

The Encounter

In 2019, at the age of 22, Faye Webster crossed paths with her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Acuña Jr. Acuña, a Venezuelan professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves, caught Webster’s attention. As a devoted Braves fan, she had admired Acuña since her teenage years, even immortalizing her feelings in the song “Kingston,” featured on her album Atlanta Millionaires Club. The song served as a heartfelt ode to Acuña, expressing, “You’re the only thing I want to do / You’re the only thing I want to see / You’re the only thing I want to be.”

Their first in-person meeting occurred when Webster was invited to sing the national anthem at a Braves game in September 2019. Eager and nervous, she hoped Acuña would notice her. Posting a picture on Instagram in a Braves jersey with Acuña’s name and number, she wrote, “I hope @ronaldacunajr13 sees me.” Acuña did notice, leading to a connection that extended beyond the ballpark.

The Romance Unfolds

Webster and Acuña commenced their relationship in October 2019, swiftly becoming a darling couple in both the music and sports spheres. As two young, accomplished individuals, they found common ground in their love for music, art, and Atlanta. Their shared experiences included simple pleasures like movie nights, ice cream dates, and video game sessions.

The couple was openly affectionate, regularly sharing endearing photos and videos on social media. Their connection was also reflected in their creative works. Webster’s song “Both All the Time,” from the album I Know I’m Funny Haha, delves into the tension between her music and her relationship with Acuña. Meanwhile, Acuña dedicated home runs to Webster, wore a necklace with her name, and publicly acknowledged her influence in interviews.

Parting Ways

Despite their apparent compatibility, Faye Webster and Ronald Acuña Jr. ended their relationship in July 2020, following nine months together. While the exact reasons remain undisclosed, speculation points to the challenges posed by their demanding schedules and divergent lifestyles. Webster focused on her new album, while Acuña navigated the shortened and delayed MLB season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The limited time for each other, coupled with differing personalities and aspirations, led to a gradual separation.

Their breakup, though not publicly announced, became evident through social media as they unfollowed each other and removed shared content. Despite the romantic chapter closing, they parted amicably, maintaining a mutual respect and friendship. Webster and Acuña continue to cheer for each other’s successes, displaying support and goodwill in their respective careers.

In Conclusion

The love story of Faye Webster and Ronald Acuña Jr., while brief, left an indelible mark on fans. Their relationship showcased a perfect match, albeit with its share of challenges. As they moved on individually, they cherished the memories and lessons learned during their time together.

If you’re intrigued by Faye Webster’s musical journey, explore her website or follow her on Instagram. For insights into Ronald Acuña Jr.’s baseball career, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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