Exploring the Rich History of Ocmulgee Mounds: Georgia’s Potential Newest National Park

The Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park is situated in Macon, Georgia and might become Georgia’s newest National Park!

These seven mounds made of clay and dirt were once part of a city-like place for the Muscogee Creek Nation. The park has over 17,000 years of ongoing human history. Some mounds resemble small hills, while others, like the Great Temple Mound, are quite large. The Great Temple Mound stands at a height of 55 feet above the ground.

If this Georgia park is granted national park status, it would not only offer more protection to the area but also expand the park’s coverage to include more than 50,000 additional acres of land around the existing mounds.

Efforts to safeguard the mounds and their surroundings have been happening for many decades, starting from the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to recognize the historical significance of the area, and he suggested back then that the mounds should become a national park.

If this proposal is approved by Congress, the Ocmulgee Mounds would become the 64th National Park in the United States.

Information sourced from National Geographic and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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