Espn Simone Biles Husband: A Dynamic Power Couple in Sports

Simone Biles stands as one of the most decorated gymnasts in history, boasting an impressive collection of seven Olympic medals and 25 world championship medals.

Her partner, Jonathan Owens, adds to this power duo as a professional football player currently serving as a safety for the Green Bay Packers.

How did these two athletes come together, and what is the timeline of their journey, from the initial meeting to their recent wedding?

Encountering Love: A Rendezvous on Raya

In March 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biles and Owens crossed paths on the dating app Raya. Taking the lead, Biles initiated a conversation, drawn to Owens’s appeal and the proximity of his location in Houston, where she resides and trains.

As the pandemic confined them indoors, the duo utilized the time to connect, bonding over their mutual love for sports. Owens became a pillar of support for Biles during the challenging period of the Tokyo Olympics’ postponement.

Publicly Sealed: Announcing Their Relationship

August 2020 marked the official declaration of Biles and Owens’s relationship, shared with the world through endearing photos on their Instagram accounts.

Biles captioned her post with “it’s just us,” while Owens expressed, “the only time I fall is when he’s there to catch me.” Celebrating their one-year anniversary in March 2021, Biles affectionately referred to Owens as her “forever.”

The couple made notable public appearances, gracing events such as the ESPY Awards and the Met Gala in coordinating outfits. Their unwavering support for each other was evident at sporting events, with Biles cheering for Owens at NFL games, and Owens making the journey to Tokyo to witness Biles’s Olympic feats.

From Proposal to Marriage: Taking the Plunge

In a heartfelt moment in February 2022, Owens proposed to Biles, presenting a stunning diamond ring. Excitement reverberated on social media as Biles exclaimed, “I can’t wait to marry you,” and Owens joyfully shared, “forever my lady” and “she said yes.” The whirlwind romance culminated in a grand destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in January 2024. Adorned in a Galia Lahav bridal gown, Biles and Owens celebrated their union with 144 guests, sharing glimpses of their joy on social media.

The Journey Forward: Dreams, Aspirations, and Family Plans

Now reveling in married life, Biles and Owens remain steadfast in their athletic pursuits and mutual encouragement. While Biles contemplates participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics, Owens aims to contribute to the Packers securing a Super Bowl victory. Their future plans include starting a family, with Biles expressing her desire to embrace motherhood.


Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens emerge as a dynamic power couple in the world of sports, showcasing resilience and love that transcend challenges. Their journey, marked by grace and dedication, serves as an inspiration to many. As they navigate their athletic endeavors and nurture their relationship, we extend heartfelt wishes for continued success and joy in all their future endeavors.

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