Emily Gould Divorce: The Breakup of a Literary Power Couple

Emily Gould and Keith Gessen once stood as a beacon of literary prowess and adoration within the literary world. Their eight-year marriage bore testament to their shared achievements, crowned with the birth of their two sons, Raffi and Lev.

Collaborating on numerous literary projects such as books, magazines, and podcasts, including n+1, The Cut, and The Longform Podcast, their relationship appeared to embody a perfect union of mutual admiration, support, and creativity.

However, in 2022, their marital bliss came to an abrupt halt amidst rumors of financial strains, creative differences, and allegations of infidelity. In this blog post, we delve into the factors and events that precipitated their divorce and the aftermath of their separation.

The Genesis: A Tale of Love and Literature

Emily Gould and Keith Gessen’s story began in 2013 when they first crossed paths at a literary event. Bonding over their shared passion for writing and their similar backgrounds, they quickly kindled a romance that led to dating and eventual marriage.

Hailing from Texas and both drawn to the literary mecca of New York City, their shared journey in pursuing their literary careers further solidified their bond.

The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in 2018, welcoming their sons, Raffi and Lev, into the world in the following years, joyously shared with their followers on social media.

The Literary Heights

Beyond their personal relationship, Emily Gould and Keith Gessen thrived as a literary powerhouse. Collaborating on various literary ventures, including books and publications such as The New Yorker and The New York Times, they garnered critical acclaim and accolades for their work.

Notable collaborations like “Raising Raffi: The First Five Years” and “Hex Education” showcased their literary prowess, earning them widespread recognition and admiration within the literary sphere.

A Love Deteriorated

The year 2022 marked a tumultuous period for Emily Gould and Keith Gessen as their once-solid foundation began to crumble. Increasing discord and frequent disputes signaled trouble, exacerbated by rumors that cast a shadow over their relationship.

Allegations of infidelity involving Emily and pop singer Charlie Puth, alongside accusations leveled against Keith, plunged their marriage into turmoil.

Despite attempts at reconciliation, their efforts proved futile. Filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and seeking joint custody of their sons, they made a joint announcement on October 12, 2022, expressing mutual love and respect but acknowledging their decision to part ways.

Navigating New Beginnings

In the aftermath of their divorce, Emily Gould and Keith Gessen endeavored to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of their sons and their admirers. Transitioning to individual pursuits, Emily released a new book titled “Dancing With Myself”, delving into themes of divorce and empowerment.

Meanwhile, Keith explored his literary career with the release of his book “Underrated” and ventured into publishing with his magazine “Hurd Love”. Both embarked on new romantic relationships, signaling a fresh start in their personal lives.


Emily Gould and Keith Gessen’s divorce marked a poignant conclusion to a chapter defined by shared success and affection. While their journey together showcased love and literary triumphs, it also underscored the complexities of relationships.

Their separation serves as a reminder that even amidst literary acclaim, love sometimes falters, and individuals evolve. However, their enduring respect and care for each other, coupled with their ongoing impact on literature, ensure they remain integral to its history, remembered as Emily Gould and Keith Gessen.

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