Elle King Divorces: A Look at Her Two Divorces and Her Current Husband

Elle King, the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actress renowned for hits like “Ex’s & Oh’s,” “Shame,” and “America’s Sweetheart,” has a multifaceted personal history, including three marriages and two divorces. Born to actor and comedian Rob Schneider and former model London King, Elle King’s life journey has been marked by triumphs and tribulations.

Andrew Ferguson: A Secret Marriage Unraveled

In 2016, Elle King encountered Scottish musician Andrew Ferguson in London, leading to a clandestine wedding in Los Angeles just three weeks later. Despite the private nature of their union, Elle publicly revealed their separation a year later through an emotional Instagram post. Confessing heartbreak, she described Ferguson as the greatest love of her life and her best friend.

However, the marriage was plagued by issues, including abuse and violence. Elle disclosed incidents such as Ferguson injuring her ear by throwing ice and threatening her life with a gun. Overcoming these challenges, Elle King filed for divorce in 2017, finalized in 2018, and expressed pride in breaking free from the toxicity.

Jim Toth: A New Beginning and Lasting Happiness

In 2019, Elle King crossed paths with Jim Toth, a talent agent and former spouse of actress Reese Witherspoon. Their union culminated in a 2021 Santa Barbara ceremony, accompanied by the arrival of their son, Lucky Levi. Elated in her newfound love, Elle describes Toth as her soulmate, praising his unwavering support for her career and recovery. Noting his exceptional parenting and compatibility with her loved ones, Elle expressed contentment, declaring him the best thing that ever happened to her.

Reflecting on her past, Elle acknowledged her evolution, emphasizing her sobriety for over two years and dedication to mental health and self-love. Grateful for her transformed life and family, Elle aspires to inspire others facing similar challenges and spread positivity through her music.

A Glimpse into Elle King’s Remarkable Journey

Elle King, a gifted musician, and successful artist has navigated a remarkable career alongside a complex personal history. With three marriages and two divorces, she faced challenges that brought trauma and legal battles with her ex-husbands. Despite her turbulent past, Elle has found enduring love and joy with her current spouse, Jim Toth. With a heart full of gratitude, she looks forward to the future, cherishing her life and family.

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