Dr Kim Plastic Surgery Tiktok: Startling or Impressive?

Dr. Kim, a plastic surgeon, has garnered significant attention on TikTok, particularly for showcasing the outcomes of his facelift procedures. Posting under the account @jiezou16.

Dr. Kim has amassed over 130,000 followers and 2.5 million likes, along with thousands of comments reflecting a mix of shock and amazement toward his work. This blog post delves into the controversy and the realities surrounding Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery TikTok, exploring how he has become a viral sensation.

The Controversy

Dr. Kim’s videos depict the results of what he claims are extreme facial plastic surgery. Filmed shortly after the procedures and before complete recovery, these videos showcase patients with significantly altered facial features, appearing 10-25 years younger or entirely transformed.

Some captions accompanying his videos read, “The 46-year-old sister turned into a little girl after facial lift” or “The 50-year-old lady turned into a 20-year-old girl after facial lift.” Viewers have expressed disbelief and dismay, labeling Dr. Kim’s videos as “scary,” “unnatural,” “botched,” or “fake.”

Allegations have been made regarding the potential use of filters, editing, or even substituting patients with different individuals. Questions have been raised about the ethics and safety of Dr. Kim’s practices, along with concerns about patient satisfaction, complications, or regrets. Critics also accuse Dr. Kim of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and capitalizing on people’s insecurities.

The Facts

Despite the controversy, there is limited information available about Dr. Kim and his patients. Dr. Kim’s TikTok bio is blank, and the only contact option is through a WhatsApp number. A website listed on WhatsApp, www.gjhos.com, is inactive and seems to have never been operational.

Dr. Kim’s profile pictures on TikTok and WhatsApp depict different individuals, adding to the mystery. Online reverse-image searches suggest his name is Kim Ji-hoon, operating in South Korea.

Dr. Kim has not directly addressed the controversies but has hinted at some aspects of his procedures. He mentioned utilizing a technique called “facial lift,” involving cutting and lifting facial skin and muscles, along with reshaping bones and cartilages.

Dr. Kim stated a cost of around $50,000 for a facelift, with most of his patients coming from China, Japan, and Korea. He claims patient satisfaction and maintains a waiting list of over 100 people.

Patients of Dr. Kim have not publicly shared their experiences or opinions on his videos. However, some have appeared in multiple videos, showcasing their healing progress. Some have visibly consented to being filmed, smiling or waving at the camera. Others have shared before-and-after photos, confirming their identity.

The Perspective

Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery TikTok has sparked considerable debate and intrigue within the online community. People’s opinions may vary based on personal preferences and perspectives. Some may appreciate Dr. Kim’s skills and results, while others may criticize his methods and motivations. Interest or aversion toward his services may differ among individuals.

In the end, opinions on Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery TikTok are subjective, with no definitive judgment on whether his work is commendable or objectionable. One thing is certain – Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery TikTok is not for the faint of heart.

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