Doris and Yvette Gay: The Evil Twins Who Helped Kill a Family

Doris and Yvette Gay are identical twins who share a dark and disturbing past. They were accomplices in a brutal crime that claimed the lives of three members of the Farris family in Washington, North Carolina. Along with their lover, Renwick Gibbs, they planned and executed a twisted plot that shocked and horrified the community. In this blog post, we’ll explore the motives and methods of the evil twins, their relationship with Gibbs, and their fate after the murder.

The Motives of the Evil Twins

Doris and Yvette Gay were born in 1968 and grew up in poverty and abuse. They had a troubled childhood and a dysfunctional family. They dropped out of school and became teenage mothers. They lived in an abandoned bus with no running water or electricity, and struggled to make ends meet.

Yvette Gay was in a relationship with Renwick Gibbs, a married man who was also the son-in-law of the Farris family. Gibbs was abusive and violent, and often beat Yvette and their two children. He was also unhappy with his marriage and hated his wife’s family, who supported her and criticized him.

Gibbs came up with a plan to kill the Farris family and inherit their property and money. He convinced Yvette that this would solve all their problems and allow them to get married. He also involved Doris, who agreed to help them out of loyalty to her sister.

The Methods of the Evil Twins

On May 30, 1990, Doris stayed behind with the children on the bus, while Gibbs and Yvette drove to the Farris home. They broke into the house and found Louise Farris, the mother, and her two teenage children, William Jr. and Shamika. They tied them up and shot them in the head, one by one. They then ransacked the house and stole some valuables, to make it look like a robbery.

They returned to the bus and acted as if nothing had happened. Gibbs even went back to the crime scene later that day and pretended to be shocked and saddened by the murders. However, his act did not fool the police, who soon arrested him and found the murder weapon. He confessed and implicated the twins, who were also arrested and charged.

The Relationship with Gibbs

The twins had a complicated and twisted relationship with Gibbs. Yvette was his lover and partner in crime, but she was also his victim and puppet. She was manipulated and coerced by him, and she obeyed him out of fear and love. She hoped that he would marry her and give her a better life, but he never did.

Doris was his accomplice and ally, but she was also his rival and enemy. She was loyal and supportive of her sister, but she was also jealous and resentful of her. She wanted Gibbs for herself, and she tried to seduce him and sabotage his relationship with Yvette. She also hated him for abusing her sister and her nephews.

Gibbs was their leader and master, but he was also their downfall and curse. He was the one who came up with the idea of killing the Farris family, and he was the one who pulled the trigger. He was the one who dragged them into his mess, and he was the one who exposed them to the authorities. He was the one who ruined their lives, and he was the one who betrayed them.

The Fate of the Evil Twins

The twins were tried and convicted for their roles in the murder. Gibbs and Yvette were sentenced to death, while Doris was sentenced to life in prison. However, their sentences were later reduced to life without parole, after the state abolished the death penalty.

The twins are still in prison, serving their sentences. They have not seen or spoken to each other since their arrest. They have also not seen or spoken to Gibbs, who is in a different prison. They have expressed remorse and regret for their actions, and they have tried to find redemption and forgiveness.

The Conclusion

Doris and Yvette Gay are the evil twins who helped kill a family. They were motivated by greed, love, and loyalty, and they used violence, deception, and betrayal. They were in a twisted relationship with Gibbs, who was their lover, abuser, and traitor. They were caught and punished for their crime, and they have been separated and isolated ever since. They are a tragic example of how evil can corrupt and destroy lives.

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