Does Travis Kelce Own a Private Jet? Debunking the Rumors

Travis Kelce, the standout tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been romantically linked with pop icon Taylor Swift since late 2023.

Their presence together at various events, including the 2024 Super Bowl where Kelce contributed to his team’s back-to-back championship victory, has sparked curiosity about their travel arrangements. But does Kelce have a private jet for jet-setting around the globe with his girlfriend?

Unraveling the Speculation

Kelce and Swift have become the focus of numerous rumors and conjectures since confirming their relationship in October 2023. Among the persistent rumors is the notion that Kelce is the owner of a private jet, or at least frequently avails himself of one.

This speculation gained momentum due to their frequent long-distance travels, particularly when Swift embarks on her Eras Tour, spanning multiple continents. For example, in February 2024, Kelce journeyed to Hawaii to rendezvous with Swift during a break from her tour.

Some sources suggested that Swift dispatched her personal private jet to collect Kelce from Las Vegas, where he was engaged in a round of golf. However, neither party has confirmed this claim.

The Reality Exposed

So, does Kelce indeed possess a private jet? The answer is negative. Kelce’s assets do not include a private aircraft; his portfolio comprises assets such as a $1.2 million mansion in Kansas City, a $150,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, and a $20,000 Rolex watch.

While his estimated net worth of $30 million is commendable, it falls short of the investment required for private jet ownership, which typically ranges from $3 million to $90 million.

Nevertheless, Kelce does partake in private air travel on occasion, utilizing charter flights or borrowing aircraft from acquaintances, including his girlfriend.

For instance, when he journeyed to Los Angeles en route to Hawaii, he utilized a private aircraft, albeit not his own. Additionally, Kelce accompanied Swift on a private jet to Argentina in November 2023 for one of her tour performances.


Travis Kelce may not possess a private jet of his own, but he does indulge in private air travel sporadically. His relationship with Taylor Swift necessitates frequent travel, and while they utilize various modes of transportation, private aviation remains an occasional convenience.

Kelce and Swift, as one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent couples, command significant public interest, yet they prioritize privacy, endeavoring to shield certain aspects of their relationship from the limelight.”

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