Dell Curry’s Girlfriend: Who Is Nicki Smith?

Dell Curry, the former NBA player and father of Stephen Curry, recently disclosed his remarriage following his divorce from Sonya Curry. His new spouse is Nicki Smith, who has been seen alongside him at numerous basketball games. But who is Nicki Smith, and what’s the story of how she met Dell Curry? Here are some details about the woman who captured the heart of the basketball legend.

Their Meeting

Dell Curry shared that he crossed paths with Nicki Smith through a mutual acquaintance, and they conversed over the phone for a month before their first in-person meeting. He expressed an immediate fondness for her and initially had no intentions of tying the knot again. However, life took an unexpected turn, and he now finds himself content with his new marital status.

Who is Nicki Smith?

Nicki Smith boasts an educational and sports background. She is an alumna of Virginia Tech University, which happens to be Dell Curry’s alma mater, where he played basketball. She holds a master’s degree in education from George Mason University and has worked as an educator and coach. Nicki is also a mother of two children from her prior marriage to Steven Johnson, a former NFL player – a son and a daughter.

Their Relationship Dynamics

Dell Curry and Nicki Smith have been observed together at various basketball games, passionately supporting Dell’s son, Stephen, who plays for the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, they have been spotted in the company of Sonya Curry, Dell’s former spouse, and her new partner, Steven Johnson, who incidentally is Nicki’s ex-husband. Impressively, the four of them appear to maintain an amicable relationship as long-time family friends.

In Conclusion

Dell Curry and Nicki Smith are a fresh couple who have discovered love anew after their respective divorces. They share common interests like a deep passion for sports and a shared educational background. Moreover, their unwavering support for their children and ex-spouses demonstrates that it’s possible to move forward after a challenging breakup and rediscover happiness.

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