Julio Urias’s Girlfriend Daisy Pérez: Untold Love Story, Recent Arrest Drama

Daisy Pérez, identified as the current romantic partner of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías, threw the opening pitch at a game on April 4, donning a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team sweatshirt and cap.

Sporting a wide smile, she proudly stood in front of the stadium, affectionately referring to Julio as “El Culichi,” a nickname he earned because of his origins in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. The couple shared a hug and then strolled towards the pitcher’s mound.

However, on the night of September 3, Julio was involved in a domestic violence incident, leading to his arrest at 11:00 p.m. that day and subsequent placement in preventive detention at 01:00 on September 4, somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

The 27-year-old pitcher’s arrest had immediate consequences, with the baseball team releasing a statement, stating that Julio Urías would not travel with the Los Angeles Dodgers until the case was resolved. The statement read, “We are aware of an incident involving Julio Urías. While we seek to gather all the facts, he will not be traveling with the team. The organization has no further comment at this time.” As of now, neither Urías nor the team’s management has provided additional updates on the matter.

Who is Daisy Pérez, Julio Urías’s girlfriend?

Daisy Pérez, the romantic partner of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías, has maintained a low profile. She doesn’t have any notable social media accounts, and her public appearances are mainly related to her partner’s sports career.

It is known that, like Urías, she hails from Culiacán, Sinaloa, and they likely met while both were living in Mexico. Their relationship seems to have started when they were teenagers and has blossomed since then.

Details such as Pérez’s age and occupation remain undisclosed, and it hasn’t been confirmed whether she was the individual involved in the domestic abuse case.

The only glimpses into their romance come from January 2021 when Julio Urías posted a picture of the two together next to a Christmas tree on his purported Instagram account. The image was accompanied by a heart emoticon.

In another picture, taken during a New Year’s event, Urías and Pérez can be seen. Based on the background decorations, this image is from the year 2021.

Relationship Status

Addressing the question, “Is Julio Urias married to Daisy Perez?” it’s important to clarify that as of now, Urias and Perez are not married. They began their relationship in 2019 and have been frequently seen together in public. While their strong bond is evident, they have not yet tied the knot.

Interest in Julio Urias’s Personal Life in the Baseball Community

Julio Urias’s personal life with Daisy Perez has attracted attention not only because of his achievements on the baseball field but also due to their relationship. This alliance has sparked increased interest in Urias’s life beyond the game, drawing the curiosity of both the baseball community and fans.

MLB Incident

On September 4, 2023, Urias faced a turbulent situation when he was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence. However, he was released on bond the following day. It is important to distinguish these personal challenges from his successful professional journey amid the uncertainties surrounding this incident.

Media Coverage

Urias’s arrest had a significant impact on the media, with major news outlets such as The New York Times and ESPN covering the story. This widespread media attention has affected Urias’s public image, highlighting the challenges that come with being in the spotlight, as evident in his current situation.

Daisy Perez in Julio Urias’s Personal Life

Daisy Perez’s active presence on social media provides insights into Julio Urias’s life outside of the baseball stadium. Her posts showcase casual moments and her support for Urias during games, painting a vivid picture of their relationship and making Perez an integral part of Urias’s story.

Daisy Perez

The Latest Developments

Following the incident, Julio Urias is currently not accompanying the Dodgers. The MLB is conducting an investigation, and the outcome of any disciplinary actions by the Dodgers is still pending.

Where Was Julio Urias Arrested?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Urias was reportedly arrested as a special guest at LAFC’s regular season Major League Soccer game against Inter Miami at BMO Stadium last Sunday night. Inter Miami is home to star Lionel Messi.

Meanwhile, the Mexican pitcher, who won the 2020 World Series, has been seen with Daisy Perez since at least 2021. Perez doesn’t have a public profile, but she has appeared at numerous public events with the 26-year-old pitcher.

Julio Urias and Daisy Perez at Public Events

The first significant public event where Daisy Perez accompanied Julio Urias was when they visited Mexico’s National Palace to meet the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The President warmly welcomed the couple, discussed Urias’ pitching career, and shared what motivated him to become a better pitcher. AMLO also briefly introduced her to the cameras.

Furthermore, Daisy Perez had the honor of throwing the first pitch at a game during the current MLB season. This special moment took place when the Dodgers hosted the Colorado Rockies on April 3 of this year, and fans received a Bobblehead resembling Julio Urias.


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