Clermont Twins Before Surgery: How They Transformed Their Looks and Lives

The Clermont twins, renowned as social media influencers, fashion designers, and reality TV stars, have gained both fame and fortune through their distinctive appearance and controversial lifestyle. However, their journey to becoming the confident and glamorous women they are today involved undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to attain their desired aesthetic and bolster their self-esteem. Let’s explore how the Clermont twins’ looks and lives evolved over the years, contrasting their pre-surgery appearance with their transformed selves.

The Clermont Twins’ Early Life and Career

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey, to Haitian and Jamaican parents, faced challenges growing up, including racism and bullying after moving to Georgia at nine. Despite their natural beauty with black hair, brown eyes, and a darker skin tone, they experienced a shift after moving to New York City at 18 to pursue fashion and modeling dreams.

Before their surgeries, the twins attended different colleges, with Shannon at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Shannade at Parsons School of Design. They established their own clothing line, Mont Boudoir, specializing in lingerie and swimwear, showcasing a more natural and innocent look.

In 2014, the Clermont twins gained initial fame on the 14th season of the reality show Bad Girls Club, earning the moniker “Barbie Twins” for their blonde hair and pink outfits. Their bad behavior, including physical altercations, led to their early exit from the show after seven episodes.

The Clermont Twins’ Plastic Surgeries and Controversies

Post-Bad Girls Club, the twins opted for plastic surgeries in Colombia, including buttock, cheek, chin, and lip augmentations, along with nose jobs. They also underwent skin bleaching, hair dyeing, and wore colored contacts, spending over $20,000 on these procedures. The result was a drastic transformation with blonde hair, blue eyes, and lighter skin tone.

Despite gaining confidence, popularity, and collaborations with celebrities, the twins faced criticism for their surgeries, accused of being inauthentic, insecure, and attention-seeking. They were also embroiled in scandals, including fraud, prostitution, and drug abuse, with Shannade serving a one-year prison sentence for theft.

The Clermont Twins’ Current Status and Future Plans

Out of prison, the Clermont twins continue their presence in social media and fashion. They’ve admitted to more plastic surgeries, including breast implants, lip, and nose fillers, while experimenting with different hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. Their new clothing line, Clermont, features streetwear and athleisure.

Expressing a desire to expand their brand into music, acting, and writing, the twins defend their choices, viewing plastic surgery as a form of self-expression and empowerment. Despite criticism, they maintain pride in their black roots and emphasize being true to themselves.


The Clermont twins’ journey reflects the transformative power of plastic surgery, bringing both success and controversy. While their aesthetic choices have propelled them to fame, they’ve also navigated the pitfalls of criticism and legal issues. The Clermont twins serve as a testament to the dual nature of plastic surgery, showcasing its potential to impact self-image and career in both positive and negative ways.

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