Cara Delevingne Dating: Who Is Her Girlfriend and How Did They Meet?

Cara Delevingne, the renowned and influential model, has graced the pages of elite fashion magazines and conquered the big screen with her bold persona.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, her love life has been a subject of curiosity. Let’s delve into Cara Delevingne’s dating history, exploring past relationships and shining a spotlight on her current love, Minke.

Cara Delevingne’s Past Flames

Over the years, Cara Delevingne’s heart has danced to the rhythm of romance with several notable individuals:

Ashley Benson (2018-2020): The Pretty Little Liars star marked Cara’s first public relationship, captivating the media with their appearances at prestigious events. Despite a two-year journey, they bid farewell in May 2020.

Jake Bugg (2013): British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg played a significant role in Cara’s romantic history, their paths crossing in 2013. Their relationship lasted approximately a year before they chose to focus on their individual careers.

Miley Cyrus (2013): A brief but noteworthy connection, Miley Cyrus and Cara shared a momentous kiss at a party in 2013. While never officially confirming their relationship, their passionate encounter made waves.

Michelle Rodriguez (2014): In 2014, Cara’s name was linked with Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez. Despite public sightings, neither party addressed their relationship publicly.

St Vincent (2015): The indie rock star became the subject of speculation regarding her relationship with Cara in 2015. Spotted sharing a kiss at a music festival, the duo never officially confirmed their romantic involvement.

Sienna Miller (2020): Rumors circulated about a possible relationship with actress Sienna Miller in 2020. While caught sharing a kiss in New York City, neither party confirmed the romance.

Cara Delevingne’s Present: Love with Minke

Cara Delevingne’s current love story unfolds with Minke, the British musician known as Leah Mason. Childhood acquaintances from boarding school, they reconnected at a party in early 2022, igniting a flame that has burned brightly since.

Minke, recognized for her musical prowess with hits like “Gold Angel” and collaborations with industry giants, has been Cara’s pillar of support. Through the highs and lows, Minke has stood by Cara’s side, offering strength during challenging times.

The couple’s journey has been a public affair, shared through social media snapshots and public appearances:

  • January 2023: Attending an art exhibition in London, showcasing their shared interests.
  • July 2023: Sharing a kiss at Wimbledon while reveling in the excitement of tennis matches.
  • October 2023: Twinning in matching white beanies on a romantic getaway to Rome.
  • November 2023: Walking hand in hand on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for Anya Taylor-Joy’s wedding to Malcolm McRae.

In Conclusion: Love and Happily Ever After

Cara Delevingne’s dating history, marked by high-profile relationships, has found solace in the arms of Minke. The couple radiates joy and affection, painting a picture of a love that transcends the glitz of the runway.

As they continue their journey together, we celebrate the happiness they’ve found and wish Cara and Minke enduring joy in the chapters yet to unfold.

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