Brighton Butler Divorce: How the Fashion Blogger and Her Husband of Six Years Ended Their Marriage

In May 2023, the unexpected revelation of the divorce between fashion influencer Brighton Butler, the creative force behind Brighton The Day, and Duncan Butler, a noteworthy entrepreneur and lawyer, sent shockwaves through their fan base.

After six years of marriage and sharing one child, the couple’s seemingly joyous relationship hid an array of struggles that eventually led them on separate paths. Let’s delve into their meeting, the tribulations they faced, and how life unfolded afterward.

The Genesis of Love

Butler and Butler’s paths crossed in 2015 at a mutual friend’s wedding, where their connection sparked. Commencing their journey into love, they provided each other solace from past heartbreaks—Butler with musician Stu Larsen and Butler, formerly engaged to singer Jana Kramer.

The proposal on Valentine’s Day in 2016 and a picturesque wedding in Dallas, Texas, later that year set the stage for the couple. The arrival of their son Nash in 2018 seemed to complete their lives, with a harmonious blend of successful careers and shared values, including faith, music, and adventure.

Navigating Through Challenges

Their marriage, however, faced obstacles:

Distance and busy schedules: Juggling demanding careers, Brighton, who launched her blog in 2011, traveled extensively for collaborations, events, and brand partnerships. Duncan, having founded his law firm in 2014, faced the challenges of long work hours, complex cases, and managing both staff and clients. Maintaining intimacy in their long-distance relationship proved challenging.

Media scrutiny and rumors: Constantly in the public eye, the couple battled rumors of infidelity, divorce, and pregnancy. Criticism over lifestyle choices, including diet, parenting style, and political views, added to the difficulties.

Health and personal issues: Both faced health and personal struggles—Brighton with anxiety, depression, and body image issues, and Duncan dealing with a broken jaw, torn ligament, vocal cord injury, alongside overcoming alcoholism and addiction.

Despite these hurdles, the couple sought professional help and counseling, allowing them to glean lessons that strengthened their marital bond.

The Denouement of Marriage

In 2023, Brighton and Duncan decided to bring closure to their marriage. Brighton filed for divorce on May 2, 2023, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce proceedings, outlined by a prenuptial agreement, were marked by a two-day court hearing in August 2023.

The judge ruled in favor of child and spousal support, emphasizing the couple’s financial disagreements. The contentious journey concluded on September 18, 2023, with an amicable divorce settlement—agreed custody, asset division, and mutual respect for privacy and dignity.

Life Beyond Divorce

Post-divorce, Brighton and Duncan moved forward:

Brighton continued her influential work as a fashion blogger, expanding her online presence. Dating actor Chase Stokes since January 2024, she expressed happiness and respect for Duncan.

Duncan persisted in his career as an entrepreneur and lawyer, broadening his law firm and clientele. Dating model Irina Shayk since October 2023, he shared a mix of emotions, expressing hope for the future and goodwill towards Brighton.


Brighton and Duncan Butler traversed a six-year journey marked by marriage, challenges, and ultimate renewal. As they embraced separate paths in pursuit of happiness, their legacy, rooted in success, beauty, and grace, will undoubtedly inspire many for years to come.

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