Briana Culberson’s Divorce: The Truth Behind The Rumors

Briana Culberson, known as the daughter of The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson, has been wedded to Ryan Culberson since 2011. Together, they’ve built a family with four children—Owen, Troy, Hank, and Cora—and have traversed various locales across the nation.

However, in March 2023, whispers began to swirl, suggesting trouble in their marital paradise. Is there any truth to the speculation surrounding Briana Culberson’s purported divorce from her husband, or is it merely a fabrication?

The Genesis of Speculation

The chatter around Briana and Ryan’s marriage gained momentum after a fan’s inquiry on one of Ryan’s Instagram posts went unanswered. This apparent silence prompted speculation regarding the state of their relationship.

Further fueling the rumor mill was Ryan’s omission of his wedding ring from his bio, coupled with Briana’s hiatus from posting photos of Ryan on her Instagram account.

While some fans expressed concern over the possibility of a divorce, others rallied to defend the couple’s privacy and denounced the rumors.

“Briana and Ryan divorcing? Impossible! They’re such a darling couple with a beautiful family. I hope it’s nothing but hearsay,” remarked one fan.

“Briana and Ryan aren’t divorcing. It’s pure speculation. They value their privacy and don’t owe us any explanations. They’re content and deeply in love,” echoed another.

The Clarification That Dismissed the Speculation

Contrary to the rumors circulating about Briana and Ryan’s marriage, there’s no truth to the notion of a divorce. The couple has not issued any statements regarding the dissolution of their union. Additionally, Ryan’s Instagram bio still features a ring emoji next to Briana’s keto IG page. Both parties continue to follow each other on Instagram and engage with each other’s posts.

In April 2023, Ryan shared a heartwarming Easter family photo, featuring Briana and their four children, further dispelling the divorce rumors. The caption, “Happy Easter from our family to yours!” accompanied by a heart emoji, underscored the couple’s enduring bond. Briana’s comment on the post, “Love you guys!” accompanied by a heart emoji, further reinforced their unity.

The shared photo unequivocally portrayed Briana and Ryan as a happily married couple, debunking any notions of marital discord and affirming their commitment to each other and their family.


Briana Culberson and Ryan Culberson share a resilient and enduring marriage, spanning over a decade and blessed with four wonderful children. Though they’ve weathered their fair share of challenges—ranging from Briana’s health struggles to Ryan’s military service—they’ve emerged stronger, fortified by their unwavering love and support for each other. While they cherish their privacy, they also expect respect and discretion from their admirers and the public.

The divorce rumors surrounding Briana and Ryan’s marriage were unfounded and disrespectful, infringing upon their private lives and undermining their marital bond.

Their firm stance on privacy serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries and refraining from baseless speculation. Briana and Ryan are more than their relationship status—they are individuals who deserve the same respect and consideration afforded to anyone else. They are Briana Culberson and Ryan Culberson, and their love is enough.

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