Brad Marchand Wife: Katrina Sloane’s Journey With Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand, hailing from Canada, is a prominent figure in ice hockey, serving as a left winger and alternate captain for the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Revered for his skill, speed, and fierce competitiveness on the ice, Marchand is also known for his occasionally contentious and aggressive style of play.

Yet, behind this hockey luminary lies a woman who complements his life in myriad ways. Let’s delve into the persona of Katrina Sloane, Brad Marchand’s wife and the nurturing mother of their three children.

Their Serendipitous Union and Matrimonial Bond

Born on November 24, 1986, in Bristol, Rhode Island, Katrina Sloane pursued her education at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, from 2004 to 2008, where she delved into the realm of interior design.

Concurrently, she also pursued a career as a licensed real estate agent, garnering praise from her clientele for her exceptional service. Her passion for interior décor finds expression through occasional glimpses of her work, shared on her Instagram profile.

The genesis of Katrina and Brad’s relationship traces back to 2011, though the specifics of their initial encounter remain shrouded in privacy. After four years of courtship, the couple exchanged vows in 2015, enveloped by the tranquil ambiance of a countryside wedding hosted at a private estate.

Their nuptials, immortalized by the lens of renowned wedding photographer Nathan Coe, unfolded against the scenic backdrop of Nantucket, with Katrina expressing gratitude for Nathan’s remarkable craftsmanship on her Instagram platform.

Their Expanding Family and Domestic Bliss

Katrina and Brad’s familial unit encompasses five members, combining their shared affections into a harmonious blend. While Katrina’s son, Sloane, from a prior relationship, was born on August 5, 2009, Brad has seamlessly integrated into his role as Sloane’s father figure. The Rendons’ union heralded the arrival of two more offspring: Sawyer, their first child together, born on July 17, 2017, followed by Rue in February 2022.

A doting mother and devoted spouse, Katrina epitomizes grace and support in her dual roles. Evident in her unwavering attendance at her husband’s games and her expressions of admiration on social media, Katrina adeptly manages her maternal duties alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Steering the helm of Kelvin Sloane Apparel, an online venture offering branded attire for all ages, Katrina exudes sophistication and finesse in balancing motherhood with commerce.

Brad Marchand: The Prospective Bruins Captain?

Marchand, revered as one of the NHL’s most accomplished players, boasts a storied tenure with the Boston Bruins since 2009, punctuated by a Stanley Cup victory in 2011 and dual gold medals at the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

Currently donning the mantle of alternate captain behind Patrice Bergeron, Marchand’s leadership acumen has drawn speculation regarding his candidacy for the Bruins’ captaincy, particularly as Bergeron’s career approaches its twilight.

Former Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy lauds Marchand’s leadership attributes, citing his tenacity, seasoned experience, and fervent desire for victory as compelling credentials for assuming the captaincy. However, he underscores the challenge of fostering rapport with burgeoning talents entering the league, emphasizing effective communication as pivotal.

Marchand’s on-ice persona, characterized by occasional controversy and a penchant for aggressive play, has earned him the moniker “The Little Ball of Hate”. Nevertheless, his evolution as a player, underscored by a burgeoning maturity and philanthropic endeavors, underscores a multifaceted persona transcending the confines of sport.


Beyond the realms of sport, Katrina Sloane emerges as a multifaceted individual, embodying roles ranging from a successful home designer and real estate professional to a nurturing mother of three and ardent Bruins aficionado. However, it is her unwavering support and affection as Brad Marchand’s spouse that truly defines her essence.

Together, Katrina and Brad personify an enduring partnership steeped in love, familial devotion, and a shared passion for hockey, serving as an inspirational testament to the power of unity and commitment in the pursuit of a fulfilling life.

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