Blueface Arrested: He Pleads Guilty to One Felony Charge in Gun Case

Mikey Williams, the prominent Memphis basketball recruit, has admitted guilt to a single felony charge in a gun-related incident that occurred on March 17, 2023, at his San Diego home. Despite facing nine felony charges and the possibility of a 30-year prison sentence, Williams entered into a plea deal.

Under this agreement, he confessed to one felony count of making a criminal threat, coupled with a special allegation of firearm usage during the threat. The remaining eight charges were dropped, and he was mandated to undertake a gun safety course, participate in anger management sessions, and fulfill 80 hours of community service.

Sentencing is scheduled for August 12, and compliance with the deal terms, alongside avoiding further criminal activity, could result in a reduction of the charge to a misdemeanor. Williams, widely recognized in the basketball realm, stands as a notable figure among fans of the sport.

Incident Details

According to law enforcement reports, Williams engaged in an altercation at his residence, involving his girlfriend and two friends, over her mobile phone. Allegedly, he flung her device across the room, causing damage, before retrieving a handgun from his bedroom.

Returning to the living room, he brandished the firearm, threatening those present. A shot was fired into the ceiling, prompting everyone to evacuate the premises. Subsequently, Williams was apprehended by the police, who discovered a Glock 19 pistol and ammunition in his bedroom, along with a Ruger LCP handgun in his backpack.

Development of the Plea Deal

Initially facing nine felony charges, including assault with a firearm and making criminal threats, Williams pleaded not guilty and was released on $100,000 bail. His defense, led by attorney Mark Geragos, contended that the incident stemmed from self-defense, with the shooting deemed accidental.

Geragos further asserted that Williams suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to a prior shooting incident in 2021. Negotiations between the prosecution and defense culminated in a plea deal on April 9, 2024, where Williams accepted guilt for one felony charge and the firearm usage allegation.

The remaining counts were dismissed, with stipulations including gun safety education, anger management sessions, and community service. Williams also consented to surrendering his firearms and ammunition to law enforcement.

Implications for His Basketball Career

Despite the plea deal, Williams’ eligibility for college basketball remains unaffected, given his lack of felony conviction. However, potential disciplinary repercussions from entities such as the NCAA, Memphis, or his former high school, San Ysidro, could transpire.

Moreover, he may face scrutiny from fans, sponsors, and media outlets, potentially affecting his public image and endorsements. Williams must now demonstrate growth and accountability, both on and off the court, to rebuild trust and credibility.


Mikey Williams’ plea deal represents a fortunate outcome, sparing him from severe legal repercussions. Nonetheless, he must fulfill the obligations outlined in the agreement and address the aftermath of the incident, including image rehabilitation and regaining trust.

With a promising basketball career and a chance for redemption, Williams has the opportunity to evolve into a positive role model, showcasing resilience and maturity in overcoming adversity.

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