Blake Lively Plastic Surgery: A Transformation from Girl Next Door to Hollywood Bombshell

Blake Lively, a renowned Hollywood actress, catapulted to stardom through her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the hit series Gossip Girl. Her career boasts a list of successful films, including The Shallows, A Simple Favor, and The Age of Adaline. Beyond her acting prowess, she’s equally acclaimed for her impeccable style, stunning looks, and her happily-ever-after marriage to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.

But here’s an intriguing aspect that’s captured the curiosity of many: has Blake Lively undergone plastic surgery to attain her current appearance? This article delves into the speculations surrounding the transformations in her face and body over the years, examining their potential impact on her career and public image.

Nose Job

The most striking change in Blake Lively’s appearance over the years is her nose. A comparison of photos before and after 2007 reveals a more refined and elegant nose with a narrower bridge, a smaller tip, and the absence of a hump. This transformation strongly suggests a nose job, or rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose.

According to Dr. Hugh Mclean, a plastic surgeon at, Blake Lively’s nose job appears well-executed, enhancing her existing features without appearing overly artificial. It bestowed upon her a more sophisticated and mature look, facilitating her transition from a teenage sensation to a leading lady.

Breast Augmentation

Another potential procedure that Blake Lively has faced speculation about is breast augmentation or breast implants. This surgical process involves enhancing breast size and shape by inserting silicone or saline implants beneath the chest muscles or breast tissue.

While Blake Lively has always possessed attractive breasts, some fans have noticed them becoming larger and fuller over time, especially when she dons low-cut outfits or bikinis that showcase her cleavage. Experts have posited that she may have opted for breast augmentation to accentuate her curves and allure.

Nonetheless, Blake Lively has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, with some sources suggesting that fluctuations in her breast size may occur naturally due to factors like weight gain, pregnancy, or hormonal changes. Consequently, it remains challenging to definitively confirm whether she underwent breast augmentation.

Eyelid Surgery

A subtler alteration in Blake Lively’s facial features that keen observers have noted is her eyelids. She appeared to have hooded eyes earlier, where excess skin or fat partially concealed the upper eyelids, potentially making the eyes appear smaller or droopy.

However, in recent years, Blake Lively’s eyes have seemed more open and alert, with reduced hooding and more visible eyelid creases. This change may be attributed to eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, which entails the removal of excess skin or fat from the upper or lower eyelids.

Eyelid surgery can make the eyes appear more prominent, youthful, and vibrant, potentially enhancing her on-screen presence and expressiveness. Speculation has arisen regarding whether Blake Lively opted for eyelid surgery to refine her appearance.

Lip Fillers

The last potential cosmetic procedure on our list is lip fillers, a non-surgical treatment involving the injection of substances like hyaluronic acid into the lips to enhance their volume and plumpness.

Blake Lively has always boasted beautiful lips, but some fans have observed them becoming more voluminous and defined over time. This change becomes particularly apparent when she smiles or pouts, as her lips appear more prominent and luscious. Experts have raised the possibility of lip fillers contributing to her captivating smile and femininity.

Nonetheless, like breast augmentation, lip fillers are not permanent and can diminish over time. Blake Lively’s varying lip size might be attributed to factors such as the timing of injections or the quantity of product used.


Blake Lively undoubtedly ranks among the most stunning women in Hollywood today, her flawless face and enviable physique setting her apart. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that she may not have been naturally endowed with all these attributes. While speculation abounds regarding potential plastic surgery, it’s essential to acknowledge her innate beauty and charisma, which consistently shine through, irrespective of any cosmetic enhancements. Blake Lively’s talent and charm have propelled her to success as an actress and made her a role model for many. Ultimately, her accomplishments and the person she is should be the focus of our admiration, rather than dwelling on the mysteries of her cosmetic choices.

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