Biden Key to Marriage: Joe Biden Reveals His Key to a Successful Marriage

Joe Biden, besides being the President of the United States, is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

His enduring marriage to Jill Biden, spanning over 40 years, has been marked by shared joys and challenges. What exactly keeps their bond strong? According to Biden, it’s good sex.

Unveiling the Revelation

Biden’s candid disclosure about the cornerstone of his marriage surfaced in a new book penned by Katie Rogers, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, titled “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, From Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden”.

Set to debut on Tuesday, the book delves into the evolving role of the first lady in the 21st century, with a spotlight on Jill Biden’s tenure. As per the book, Biden has playfully remarked to aides that “good sex” is the linchpin of a lasting and joyful marriage, much to his wife’s chagrin.

It suggests that Biden has made similar quips in public settings, including a 2006 instance where he remarked, “I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep,” when questioned about a potential 2008 presidential bid.

Public Reaction and Response

Biden’s comments regarding his intimate life have stirred curiosity and debate among both the public and the media. Many ponder how the 81-year-old president manages to maintain passion with his 70-year-old spouse. While some applaud Biden’s honesty and romanticism, others critique him for perceived inappropriateness.

Some have drawn comparisons between Biden’s remarks and those of his predecessor, Donald Trump, known for alleged extramarital affairs and controversial statements about women. In contrast, Biden’s comments emphasize a playful intimacy within his marriage rather than objectification.

The Reality Check

Despite the public speculation, neither Biden nor Jill have commented on the book or ensuing rumors. Nonetheless, their enduring relationship speaks volumes. They first met in 1975, amidst Biden’s recovery from the tragic loss of his first wife and daughter. Their bond blossomed, culminating in marriage in 1977 and the birth of daughter Ashley in 1981.

Through myriad challenges and personal tragedies, including the loss of their son Beau to brain cancer in 2015, the Bidens have remained steadfast partners. They’ve supported each other through thick and thin, publicly displaying affection and unity.


While Biden humorously attributes a successful marriage to “good sex,” his relationship with Jill embodies far more. Their bond is built on respect, admiration, and mutual support.

They navigate life’s trials together, leaning on their faith, family, and enduring love. Joe Biden’s key to marriage isn’t merely about physical intimacy—it’s about nurturing a deep and abiding connection.

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