Austin Eckroat Wife: From Childhood Friends to Life Partners

In the realm of professional golf, the limelight often illuminates players’ skills on the green. Yet, behind every successful golfer stands a supportive partner.

For emerging talent Austin Eckroat, that unwavering support comes from his wife, Sally Merrill Eckroat. Their tale isn’t just about love; it’s a testament to a bond weathered by time and distance.

From Childhood Friends to Sweethearts

Austin and Sally’s journey commenced in Oklahoma’s heartland, where their paths intertwined as youngsters. Their connection sprouted from shared experiences and a close-knit community.

Although they diverged during their teens—Sally excelling in cross-country while Austin honed his golfing skills—the universe had plans for these childhood companions.

Rediscovering Love

In 2019, Austin and Sally reconnected, reigniting their friendship, which swiftly blossomed into love. With each passing day, their bond strengthened, culminating in Austin’s proposal in May 2021. They exchanged vows in November 2022, embarking on a shared journey as husband and wife.

Sally: Austin’s Rock

Sally, a graduate in Public Relations and Image Management, has been Austin’s rock as he navigates the challenges of professional golf.

From his nascent days on the Korn Ferry Tour to his breakthrough triumph at The Cognizant Classic 2024, Sally has been his unwavering source of encouragement and stability.

A Union Beyond the Links

The partnership between Austin and Sally transcends the confines of golf courses. Rooted in shared values and mutual respect, theirs is a profound connection. As Austin etches his name in golfing history, Sally stands by his side, sharing in both his victories and setbacks.


The love story of Austin and Sally Eckroat epitomizes the resilience of enduring relationships. From their formative years as Oklahoman youngsters to the grandeur of PGA tournaments, their bond has only deepened.

As they traverse life’s journey together, their narrative serves as a beacon of hope, proving that childhood connections can blossom into lifelong partnerships—a tale that resonates far beyond the realm of sports, touching the hearts of all who believe in love’s timeless embrace.

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