Ashley Park Husband: Is the Emily in Paris Star Married?

Ashley Park, a versatile actress and singer, has graced Broadway, TV shows, and films, gaining notable recognition for her role as Mindy Chen in the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris.

While fans adore her on-screen charisma, the spotlight often turns to her personal life. Is Ashley Park married, and who might be the special person in her life? Let’s explore.

Ashley Park’s Relationship Status

In a straightforward revelation, Ashley Park is not currently married. The 32-year-old actress has deliberately kept her romantic life away from the public eye, refraining from confirming any relationship publicly. Despite this, speculations have arisen due to her close connections with some co-stars.

Ashley Park and Paul Forman: On-screen Chemistry Transcends Reality?

Recent buzz around Ashley Park’s love life centers on her Emily in Paris co-star, Paul Forman, who portrays Nicolas de Leon, Mindy’s romantic interest in the series. Their on-screen chemistry spilled into real life, evident in their social media posts featuring each other.

Dating rumors gained momentum when they were photographed holding hands at The Hollywood Reporter’s Beauty Dinner in October 2023. Additional joint appearances at events like the Clarins Precious Dinner and the ECCO dining experience further fueled speculations.

Confirmation arrived in January 2024, following Ashley Park’s revelation of a severe health scare involving critical septic shock and multiple hospitalizations.

In an emotional Instagram post, she expressed gratitude to Paul Forman for being her unwavering support, saying, “I love you Paul. More than I can ever say.” Paul reciprocated the sentiments on his Instagram, emphasizing his commitment to stand by her side.

Ashley Park and Tyler Cook: A Past Flame?

Before her association with Paul Forman, Ashley Park was linked to another Emily in Paris co-star, Tyler Cook, who portrayed Timothée, a French chef, in the first season. Their on-set chemistry sparked rumors of a romantic involvement.

In July 2023, Ashley Park shared a birthday tribute to Tyler Cook on Instagram, describing him as her favorite person and expressing profound love. However, the post was later deleted, leaving fans curious about the status of their relationship.


Ashley Park, celebrated for her captivating portrayal of Mindy Chen, is equally adept at keeping her personal life discreet. As of now, she remains unmarried. The confirmation of her relationship with Paul Forman came amid health challenges, highlighting their strong bond.

Past rumors linked her romantically to Tyler Cook, but the details remained unaddressed. As Ashley Park continues to shine in her career, fans wish her happiness and success in both professional and personal realms.

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