Supporting Your Loved Ones During Quarantine

September 05, 2020

By: Lacey Shumard

It may seem like since Covid-19 entered our lives that everything’s been flipped upside down and in some ways they have. This could not be truer for the elderly as they are especially vulnerable to complications such as pneumonia and other illnesses. With some of the elderly living in assisted living facilities, they have had to at time enforce visitor restriction in order to keep the residents safe. This can sadly leave some elderly feeling lonely, confused, and isolated. While most facilities have creative ways of helping their residents with these feeling and to keep them connected to there loved ones that they may not be able to see currently due to these restrictions here are a few ways you can help your loved ones whether they are quarantined at a facility or in there home.

You can use technology in ways like Facetime, Zoom, Skype, and other virtual calling apps, which let your loved one see and talk to you. Although we also understand that technology can sometimes be difficult for the elderly and if that isn’t an option for you then here are some tech freeways.

A lot of people right now when they cant actually go into the facility to see there loved ones or even into there homes are using what is called “Window Visits”, where your loved one can be inside by the window and you would be outside by the same window and can use a phone to talk while still being able to visually see one another through the glass but still keeping your loved one safe.

Some other options that are helpful are sending cards, pictures, frequent phone calls, and working with the care facility or with your loved one’s doctor to make sure you are doing your part in keeping them safe.

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