Letter to Citizens Sent Regarding Nuisances and Vehicles

August 26, 2020

Monroe City Citizens,

As you may be aware we have a newly elected Mayor, newly elected Ward One Alderman, and newly appointed Third Ward Alderman. With new leadership come new changes to city policy and ordinances. If you haven’t been living in a bubble, you should be aware this has been a challenging time for your Police Department and other departments in Public Works and City Administration. This being said, I was asked by the Mayor and Council to issue a letter explaining new or revised ordinances so here goes:

Ordinance 42-37 Grass and weeds: In a nutshell; don’t let grass or weeds grow past 10 inches tall (section 42-38). If it isn’t cut, the City will cut it and charge you for the mowing/cutting (section 42-39). If the charge is not paid, there will be a special tax bill. If this continues being a nuisance, the city will remove the nuisance without notification (section 42-40). Anyone who shall neglect to cut and remove the weeds, grass, or other vegetation or refuse to comply will be subject to a fine of not less than $1 per day not to exceed $500.

Ordinance 45-55 Damaged or disabled vehicles: per this new ordinance, no parked vehicles on city streets or highways which is unregistered or registered improperly with the State of Missouri or have been inoperable for more than 72 hours, except those on the premises of a duly licensed automobile sales premises, automobile junking yard or automobile repair business unless the vehicles have been inoperable or in such a state of repair as to inoperable for a period exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days.

I am attaching the actual ordinances with this letter for clarification. I want to be very clear that your Officers including myself are not robots and are well aware of the hard times this year has caused everyone with the pandemic, unemployment, quarantines, and overall fear of not knowing. We will be simply visiting with owners and issuing verbal warnings. During these visits, we will be asking if you need assistance removing any junk or debris. We have been in talks of starting a community betterment association to help with other burdens. Our mission is to help, not write tickets. I worked hard to make this Police Department community-based and will continue. Keep in mind we have been very busy lately working major crimes, however, please do not hesitate to call in nuisance complaints.

Chief Tyler Wheeler

Cross Associates
Douglas Comm Ctr