Congressman Graves Stresses the Importance of the Census

by Congressman Sam Graves

Preliminary numbers are in for the Census and they don’t look good. We’re losing to St. Louis County. Only about 66 percent of North Missourians have completed the decennial Census, but more than 80 percent of folks in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional district have already filled it out. However, we’ve still got an opportunity to make up some ground.
The Census is only collected every 10 years, but it’s incredibly important. It’s so important that the Founding Fathers mandated it in the Constitution, and it’s been done every 10 years since 1790, in times of war and peace.
The results of the 2020 Census will have major impacts on all our lives for years to come. It’s how the federal government determines each state’s population, and it plays a big role in how and where our tax dollars get spent. From rural hospital funding to grants that will fix our roads and bridges, accurate Census data helps communities not only determine the need for them, but also access funding to help pay for those projects.
That’s why it’s so critical that we do our level best to make sure we all complete the 2020 Census. It’s only a few questions and it usually takes folks less than 10 minutes to fill it out. If you lost the questionnaire they sent in the mail or just find it easier to do on your computer, you can fill out the 2020 Census online at:
Perhaps most importantly, filling out the Census online or by mail could save you a visit from a Census taker later this year.
The 2020 Census is important as it will have major impacts on our lives for years to come. You can complete it in just a few minutes, so if you haven’t already, get it done. If you’ve already done your part, remind your friends, neighbors, and family to do their part to help North Missouri and our country.

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