Winds of Faith

by Pastor Tim Sanders New London

Choices & Safe Harbors
The old hymn speaks of having one’s soul anchored in the haven of rest. It's stanzas speak of the blessings of being anchored there. But, it took a choice to sail into the harbor and let the harbormaster tie off your ship, safe and secure. The harbormaster of life, our Lord Jesus, calls us into the safe harbor with words written from old in Duet 11-26 and is well able to keep all we anchor there. (Behold !!!) I set before you today a blessing and a curse. The blessing, if you obey, and the curse, if you do not. (Choose Today !!!) Lay these words of mine in your heart, carry them in your hand, set them before your eyes, teach them to your children, when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. Carefully keep, Love the Lord, Walk in his ways, Hold fast to Him!!!
??? Question? O Brothers, have you anchored your soul in his Haven of Rest, to sail the wide seas

no more? When the tempest sweeps of the wild stormy deep, can you say, In Jesus, I am safe Ever More ???
(prayer) O Lord many unaccounted for, dark storms and lightning on the horizon, send runners to the lighthouse in Jesus Name. Amen.
Pastor Tim Sanders
Winds of Faith Ministries

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