End of Year Wrap Up

by Elizabeth Trower

End of the Year Wrap Up

By Elizabeth Trower

Well, we have made it to the end of the school year. Another year full of homework assignments, tests, grades, sports, games, clubs, concerts, and memories in the books. Although this one didn’t end as we planned, the students were able to say goodbye for the summer in a somewhat normal way.
Let me create the image of the school in your mind. We were walking down the hallways and the air smelled of cleaning products. Desks and chairs lined the halls and when you walked into the classroom everyone’s work was spread out on the floor. Lockers were all wide open as they had been cleaned from the top to the bottom. Not the picture you would imagine on the last day of school.

In a way it was like coming back from summer vacation. The faces of friends and teachers appeared. These were the faces we had missed and been away from for two months due to quarantine. When everyone saw one another, their faces lit up and you could tell this was just the right medicine they needed to brighten their day. After all, these faces, these people, are some of the most important people that make the biggest impacts on our lives.

I’m someone who enjoys the atmosphere of school. I love being able to sit in class taking notes and listening to my teacher discuss a new unit. I love attending sporting events, playing in the games, and cheering on the other athletes. I love being able to walk down the hallways and see all the beautiful faces of each amazing individual. I love the loudness of the lunchroom filled with chatter and laughing. I love riding the bus to away sporting events and singing with my teammates on the way. I love staying up late to study for a test and then being able to wake up early to head to school and do it all over again. I love school. And usually around this time we would be turning in finals and saying goodbye to all our teachers for the summer, but this year it was a little different. We completed the year online which is something that has never happened before. It was different and new for both the teachers and the students, but we all worked together and made it. Thanks to our wonderful school we were able to walk the halls and say goodbye one more time before summer vacation.

To begin, each student at the High School and Middle School was given a check out sheet just like normal. The students went around getting teachers’ signatures, paying dues, turning in books and assignments. This time instead of saying goodbye, students and teachers were saying hello after being away for so long. It was the perfect reunion to catch up on how everyone did throughout the quarantine. You then saw students cleaning out lockers that were filled with papers and books. Some students like myself, didn’t choose to clean my locker before quarantine in hopes of coming back to school. Juniors and Seniors were able to purchase Prom and Project Prom tickets, because thanks to our amazing and supportive community and teaching staff, we will be able to have a Prom and a Graduation later this summer.
At the Elementary, teachers worked to separate artwork and belongings and then labeled each student’s name onto his or her belongings. When the students' parents drove around the circle drive, a teacher then delivered the belongings to the family.
These two days were the perfect way to end the year. Teachers were able to come back and catch up, while seeing their kiddos and planning for the next year. Students were able to grab their belongings and see their friends once more before heading into summer. Everyone was able to be together at school once again and have social interaction which was what we all needed. This year ended differently than any other year, but it was still filled with homework assignments, tests, and grades. It was just missing the sports, clubs, concerts, games, and social interaction. And it still ended with memories. Maybe not the ones we intended to make, but ones that were memories nevertheless and will be some of the ones we remember for the rest of our lives.
So, we didn’t end school in the ‘normal way,’ but normal is boring. We ended it in the best way that we could despite the circumstances, and we can’t wait for next year!