May 10, 2022

I am Eddy Mitchell, I live at Holliday where I have lived all my life.

I am a Democrat.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to tell my story with hard facts

of what took place about candidate filing March 29,2022.

First; I am NOT being investigated for anything.

I've done nothing wrong.

The Secretary of State of Missouri has used my name in a Defamation

way to put a cloud over my candidacy.

So here are some of the facts'

At 20 minutes till 5 o'clock I entered the Monroe County Court House

to take care of filing fee business with the County Clerk.

After that I stepped out to make a phone call on my cellphone.

So its been established I was on the second floor of the Court House.

Then according to my cellphone record at 4:54 PM I called my wife to

discuss me filing for presiding Commissioner, that conversation lasted

1 minute and a few seconds this according to my cellphone record.

By 4:59 I was already in the county clerk's office filing for presiding

Commissioner. It is common knowledge cellphone time is undisputed.

I have other verified information that I will not share at this time.

As this is personal information that I do not appreciate having to

share of me or my family personal information.

Now that my name has been used in this manner wouldn't it be nice if

the witnesses would step forward in a by partisan way and publish their

names in paper.

Truly Eddy Mitchell, Holliday, Mo

May 10, 2022