Publisher’s Note

April 21, 2022

Happy Spring!!! The trees and flowers are blooming and the pollen is high!!!! The temperatures could stay more stable in the 70s but, hey it is Missouri!!!

As many may not know, I am the ONLY employee of Monroe-Ralls. I do it all; the writing, selling, and editing, all while trying to hit a corporate budget and readers’ requests for two counties. I am so thankful for our design team and off-site office manager.

I wanted to share what has been on my mind. As Publisher of two county newspapers, it is extremely hard to balance each county coverage each week as well as it’s difficult knowing what is going on. In saying that, I am asking for your help as community leaders, officials, event planners, chambers, and schools to please share what you would prefer me to attend and what you could assist me on with submitting coverage and photos. I cannot be in both counties obviously at once, nor, can I attend every event and keep up with other responsibilities. I realize Facebook has taken over on the sharing of event happenings, but sometimes that is the only way I am aware of anything. Also, some of our older readers don’t follow Facebook to see that information.

I would like to thank each of our subscribers and advertisers. You guys are why I do what I do and I do love what I do. We merged the Monroe County Appeal and Ralls County Herald Enterprise so that both county papers would stay alive. Hopefully this will continue with your support.

I am always open to new ideas to try and recommendations for articles. I am not always in our office because of interviews, visiting businesses for marketing, attending meetings and of course taking care of my husband who is experiencing multiple health issue relapses and spending time with my children. Balancing is hard for everyone and I’m included in that.

If you would like to request an appointment, I will be happy to schedule a time with you to meet or you are always welcome to email me ( or message me on Facebook. Our office phone numbers are 660-327-4192 or 660-591-3641.

Looking forward to Summer,

Robin Gregg

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