Grant Opportunity For Farmers And Processors

October 11, 2021

A grant opportunity for farmers and processors our colleagues at Rural Coalition shared with us. A USDA Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant round opened and will remain open for applications until November 22nd.

This grant aims to help small scale food processors, distributors, farmers, and ranchers respond to coronavirus, including for measures to protect workers against novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID–19). The minimum amount of funding per application is $1,500, the maximum is $20,000.

First, to be eligible, groups must be able to identify that they are food processors, distributors, and producers that meet small business size standards, or that they are farmers markets. If they're unsure, they can use Appendix A (attached) to identify themselves. These entities can be either small businesses or a non-profit.

Second, groups are required to obtain a DUNS Number before applying for this program. There is a custom landing page to streamline the process at

Then, eligible applicants may apply through a portal. On the portal, they'll be prompted to fill out an organization form with basic info, a SF-424 application for federal assistance, and Appendix B, a Pandemic Response and Safety Checklist where applicants identify funds needed for specific activities. This does not require any narrative or justification. The applicant must simply request specific $ amounts for the activities listed on the checklist.

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