Entre Nous Club Meetings Resume

May 19, 2021

The Entre Nous Club met May 6 at the Junction. The Devotion was given by Mrs. Richard Webber, “The Wonders of Spring.” The club had not met since February of 2020. A Treasurer’s Report was given by Cheryl Chipman in the absence of Treasurer Carol Norman. The roll call was given by Eva Leake with everyone telling how they have handled the Covid virus. There were six members present: Paula Poage, Lynn Broyles, Eva Leake, Cheryl Vaughn, Sharon Utterback, and Gaytha Webber. Dues were collected from those present. Cheryl Vaughn closed the meeting with a reading of “A Mother’s Prayer.” The next meeting will be June 18th at The Junction. Paula Poage will be the hostess, the program will be “The History of the Flag,” and roll call will be favorite summertime treats.