COVID-19/Missouri Weekly Update: 3/29 Public Health Reminders

by Taylor Ingram, One for All Missouri

This week, approximately 880,000 more Missourians will become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine as the state expands eligibility to Phase 2. As the vaccine rollout continues and the Easter holiday approaches, public health experts are encouraging Missourians to stay informed of vaccination updates and continue taking steps to stop the spread.

Missourians belonging to Phase 1A, Phase 1B (all tiers) and Phase 2 are currently eligible for vaccination. Vaccination for Missourians in Phase 3 will begin on April 9.

Vaccine supply is projected to increase significantly in the coming weeks, allowing the state to extend eligibility beyond high-risk individuals.

- Phase 2 includes Missourians that are essential to economic recovery.

- Phase 3 includes all adults in the state of Missouri.

So far, 24.8% of Missourians have initiated their vaccination, and 14.7% have completed their vaccination.

Eligible Missourians can schedule vaccine appointments at community mass vaccination events, health clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.

Registering through the Missouri Vaccine Navigator, local public health departments and care providers can help Missourians stay informed of vaccination updates and available appointments in their area.

Most vaccinators require appointments to be scheduled in advance online or by phone.

The Missouri Vaccine Navigator now includes resources for seniors and homebound adults, as well as those seeking transportation to their vaccine appointment.

Vaccinating members of Phases 2 and 3 will take time. Missourians are encouraged to practice patience as they navigate the process of scheduling their appointment(s).