Local Businesses Re-Opens

May 14, 2020

By Robin Gregg

Local Businesses are re-opening after the Missouri State Shutdown Order made by Governor Mike Parsons. I’ve check in with some local businesses and see how they and their customers are handling the pandemic.

You must give your name, address and phone number to do business with any office in the Monroe County Courthouse. “We are constantly cleaning and disinfecting. It has been great to get back to some sort of normalcy,” said Chrissy Graupman.

Courtney Bean of Coyote Cuts in Paris says, “It was great! I've had 180 cuts in seven days! I sanitize in between each client with Lysol. I have a mask on hand if anyone would be more comfortable if I wear it. I did have it posted on the door, no more than 3 people waiting at a time if possible. I know I still have people patiently waiting/trying to get haircuts so I'm sure my business will continue.”

“It was very busy and stressful. I’m only allowing one client in the shop at a time. Disinfecting all the surfaces in between clients. Clean capes and etc for each client. Locking the doors constantly to not allow others into the shop without appointment. Currently I’m only taking my current clients, as the other salons in Monroe City are doing. It has been a really tough in a way to make that decision. We just don’t know the habits, situations of the people we don’t know and that puts us, our family and our other clients at risk and we can’t afford to put ourselves in that position. The business owner always wants to be able to take that customer. I just hope the public will understand our position,” said Lorrie Lehenbauer-Buckman from Lorrie’s Styling Salon.

As for the Appeal office, we are open to one customer in the office at a time during varied hours. I am not physically going to each business to discuss marketing strategies. I am working from email on those. I am doing article interviews via Facebook and email as well to prevent face to face contact. Our past newspaper editions are getting backed up as Shelter Workshop is not open to come by and pick them up to recycle. Event coverages are done because everything has been cancelled or postponed.