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May 14, 2020

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By Robin Gregg

Journalism is an essential business as categorized by Missouri State Governor, Mike Parsons during the State Shut Down. Journalism is a community’s viable source for factual information and localized news. As Monroe County Appeal/Ralls County Herald-Enterprise’s Publisher and Sales Manager, I understand both sides of businesses hurting from the Coronavirus.

I have reached out to most county businesses to provide news as it is happening in our area during the shutdown and after the re-opening first phases.

Our newspaper team supports your business by buying locally, attending events, sponsoring the events and covering them online and in print. We don’t have a 9-5 job, it takes time away from our families and our own personal schedule to attend and share the exciting, the boring, the sad, and the happy journalism for our readers/followers. Your way to support the newspaper is to sponsor ads. We are a business as well and have been for many decades serving your community.

What would you do if you didn’t have a newspaper to look back on 20 years from now? I’ve found news articles about my family that I didn’t even know about in past editions. I’ve also found articles as well as photos that I am actually in, from my school years.

What would you do if we couldn’t get the sales your business is having publicized, events announced or covered? Yes, Facebook is probably your answer. Well, Facebook is good and all, but there are several others who aren’t technical savvy or want anything to do with Facebook. How will you reach that crowd?
What would those that have moved away from their hometown do if they couldn’t stay in the know of happenings? I’ve had so many comments on my live feeds I’ve covered for local events ‘that they like seeing the growth and change’ or ‘watching from Texas, I grew up there’. Lots more like that.

We are hanging on to a thread like all newspapers are right now and we would love to remain your news leader in Monroe-Ralls County. Please buy print and/or digital ads from us. We have so many offers for you to choose from. I couldn’t begin to mention them all.

Save your local newspaper. Save your local business. Save lifestyles. Save history. Save Save Save