'Keep Your Keys' Facilitator Training Available

January 08, 2021

Talking with aging loved ones about driving is no simple task. MU Health Care has developed a program called “Keep Your Keys” that helps individuals in this discussion. It is designed to keep seniors on the road as long and as safe as possible.

“This program opens the discussion for driving retirement. It also includes tips about maneuvering new roadways and staying safe on the road,” said MU Health Care Coordinator of Outreach Beth Koster.

MU Health Care is seeking facilitators in each region of the state to bring this presentation to seniors in their communities. Are you interested in becoming a facilitator? Each facilitator will receive a “how-to” booklet, the PowerPoint presentation used for the seniors with notes added for easy presentation and be fully trained by the MU Healthcare Outreach & Injury team virtually. A stipend will also be provided.

“It’s important to have these discussions with older loved ones. We just want to help ease the burden of those conversations, and our facilitators help with that,” said Koster.

For more information on this program, please visit . For questions or interest in becoming a facilitator, contact Beth Koster at (573) 884-7143.

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