Expect University of Missouri Extension Council Ballots Soon by Mail or Online

January 05, 2021

The University of Missouri Extension-Ralls County Council is conducting its annual election of new board members. As required by law, the extension council holds an election in January of each year. In Ralls County, ballots are mailed to all registered voters in the voting districts where board members are being sought. This year, council members are being elected from the eastern and western commission districts and four members from at-large in the county.

“Voters should be receiving their ballot in the mail soon, reports Jim Meyer, County Engagement Specialist. The ballot will look different this year as voting districts were changed this summer. We used to elect members from each township, but we changed to electing members from the eastern and western county commission districts and electing some members from at-large in the county. The at-large members can reside anywhere in the county. The extension council made this switch to the voting districts to ease the difficulty in getting candidates to run while still maintaining a broad geographical representation of the county.

Voters will have two choices on their ballot. They will choose one candidate from the district in which they reside and they will choose one candidate from the at-large list.

Any two eligible voters may vote on the same ballot. Completed ballots should be returned to the Ralls County extension office by January 22, 2021 by folding the ballot, sealing with tape, stamping, and mailing. If needed, extra ballots are available at the extension office. The phone number is 573-985-3911.

Voters may also choose to vote electronically. According to Meyer, voters may go to the University of Missouri Extension-Ralls County website at http://extension.missouri.edu/ralls/ and click the “elections” hotlink under the county extension council heading on the left side navigation bar. This will direct the voter to an online ballot. After entering some basic information, a voter will be able to cast their vote. The voting hotlink will only be available on the website January 4 through January 22. Meyer asks that voters choose only one method to cast their vote. If they vote by paper ballot they should not vote electronically. If they vote by electronic ballot, they should not vote by paper ballot.

The University of Missouri Extension-Ralls County Council approves extension personnel, arranges for finances, and supervises educational programs in 4-H and Youth, Family Financial Education, Agriculture, Business Development, Nutrition and Health, Human Development and Community Development. The council members serve without pay to guide these programs. Please support your favorite candidate by voting and returning your ballot.

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